10 Countries, 22 Ships, 1 Sub, 5,300 Personnel Gather for RIMPAC Exercises in Hawaii

The biennial Rim of the Pacific (RIMPAC) will be conducted Aug. 17 – 31 around the waters of the Hawaiian Islands. This at-sea-only exercise will have ten nations, 22 surface ships, one submarine, multiple aircraft and about 5,300 personnel participating.

In order to ensure all personnel remain safe and to protect the people of Hawaii, the at-sea-only construct for this exercise was developed. This modified plan was created by the Commander, US Pacific Fleet to combat future adversaries and manage the threat posed by the Corona Virus.

This plan provides maximum training value, while minimizing the risk to the force, allies and partners, and the people of Hawaii.

RIMPAC provides a unique opportunity for training that is designed to foster and continue sustaining the cooperative relationships that ensure the safety of sea lanes and the security of the world’s interconnected oceans. RIMPAC exercises began in 1971 and this year marks the 27th exercise in the series.

The theme of RIMPAC 2002 is “Capable, Adaptive, Partners.” The forces of participating nations will exercise a wide range of capabilities, demonstrating the inherent flexibility of maritime forces.

The realistic and relevant training plan includes cooperative multinational anti-submarine warfare, maritime intercept operations, and live-fire training events.

“RIMPAC is a unique opportunity for like-minded nations to expand mutual support, increase interoperability, and demonstrate our collective resolve to ensure the Indo-Pacific remains free and open. RIMPAC participants share common values, interests and commitment toward mutual security and prosperity. While COVID-19 presents some challenges, all RIMPAC participants are practicing disciplined COVID mitigations to protect the citizens of Hawaii, the force, and prevent the spread of the virus while gaining invaluable experience working alongside our valued partners at sea,” said Adm. John Aquilino, commander, U.S. Pacific Fleet.

The Commander of U.S. 3rd Fleet, Vice Adm. Scott D. Conn will be leading RIMPAC 2020 and the exercise is hosted by Commander, U.S. Pacific Fleet. The exercise will include forces from Australia, Brunei, Canada, France, Japan, Republic of Korea, New Zealand, Republic of the Philippines, Singapore, and the United States.

RIMPAC 2020 contributes to the increased lethality, resiliency, and agility needed by the Joint and Combined Forces in order to deter and defeat aggression by major powers across all domains and all levels of conflict.

“While we may be able to surge ships and people, we cannot surge trust.“ This formidable team will spend the next two weeks forging relationships and strengthening bonds through a series of events designed to improve our ability to operate together. The work we will do here will make us all more capable and adaptive, and ready to face any challenge or crisis together, whether man-made or a natural disaster,” said Conn.


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