19 Years On, America Remembers 9/11; Truthers Praying for 20th Anniversary for Declas

Every year since the towers went down, Americans have gathered to remember the 2,976 people who lost their lives in the greatest mass murder in American history. For 19 years, America has honored the dead with memorials and commemoration ceremonies. But many are hopeful that next year, the 20th anniversary, the real story will be revealed.

This year, the tributes and remembrances are as strong as ever. Much like the now infamous question that everybody, except George H.W. Bush, could answer, “Where were you when JFK was shot?” the question today is, “Where were you when the towers went down?”

People remember where they were, coming out of subways into doomed Lower Manhattan or watching the chaos unfold live on television, and recalling the fear that gripped the nation.

All planes had been grounded and the F-15s were the only ones flying up and down the east coast in eerie silence. In New York, smoke wafted over the whole city and blanketed the fallout, the surreal image of a nuclear winter.

Today, President Donald J. Trump makes a proclamation on Patriot Day that the lives of 3,000 Americans will never be forgotten.

Patriots online also remembered the fallen.

Of course, because of a contagious disease that kills 3 out of 100,000 Americans, the Mayor of New York refuses to allow the 9-11 Tower lights to blaze. Truly, let this be the first and only time that disrespect is tolerated!

Eleven years after 9/11, the Benghazi scandal captured the country’s attention, and much as with 9/11, it became another incident of sound and fury, signifying nothing, as no prosecutions have ever come to light.

What were once considered to be conspiracy theories have caused many Americans to re-examine their faith in our know-all, be-all government and realize that yes, politicians will lie to you — their feigned blindness is the conspiracy.

Whatever it takes to keep control of the purse strings and wield power over the populace, Republican and Democratic politicians, alike, will do whatever is necessary to maintain the status quo.

Declassification of the government files will confirm what many Americans have felt in their hearts all of these years, but know exactly who did what on that day when, as Minnesota Congresswoman Ihlan Omar nonchalantly puts it, “Some people did something.”

Politicians are doubling down that the American people’s collective memory is short and the crimes committed by government traitors will fall into the annals of Hillary Clinton’s “At this point in time, what difference does it make?”

On the flipped side of the coin, John Q. Public is doubling down that one declassified bombshell from U.S. Attorney John Huber’s spying investigation will be the game changer. Once one conspiracy is proved in court, the rest will soon follow.


As technology has advanced over the last two decades, Americans are gobsmacked at how crude the ruse really was.

Computer graphic imaging and cutting-edge forensics have America’s armchair detectives sifting through the evidence, and their memories, trying to make sense of the inconsistencies that don’t seem to fit in the national cover story.

We devoured hundreds of amateur web pages devoted to the temperature in which steel burns, or video comparisons of other planes collapsing like accordions into mountain sides, or the most absurd ruse of all, that a terrorist’s passport was found unscathed in the rubble! How were we so much like the proverbial sheep led to slaughter?

Later on that beautiful Tuesday, as this reporter sat on the beach in Ft. Lauderdale comparing the enormity of the ocean to the events that transpired that day, I kept mulling over the first red flag that triggered my Spidey-sense that something was just not right.

President George W. Bush was in Ft. Lauderdale that morning, as well, reading to a class of second-graders. When he was told of the heinous attack that had erased the towers from New York City’s skyline, he did not immediately respond and kept on reading with the class.

How could an American president not show an emotional response to the murders of nearly 3,000 Americans and not drop what he was doing and make the attacks his top priority? His explanation of not wanting to alarm anyone did not seem plausible to me, not for the man who was the leader of the free world. He knew.

People have known for years that something is wrong with the official narrative. While many have examined and re-examined the evidence of the carnage, much has been scrubbed from the internet by the Big Tech censors, especially on YouTube, but as well by the entropy of the internet, where an author can die, his site not renewed and all is gone.

People who remember that day remember events that happened but can no longer be verified. People who had not yet been born will never know.

We are waiting for John Huber to confirm what we already know and to how high and how deep the corruption goes.

Americans are hopeful that by next year’s 9/11 memorial services, the full truth of when that beautiful Tuesday morning was historically scarred will be revealed. Americans have already waited 19 years for the historical record to be corrected and the scales of Lady Justice to be balanced.

Maybe next year.


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