$21 Million Brooklyn Corona Virus Field Hospital Treated Zero Patients

Throwing money around like confetti, at the beginning of the pandemic the de Blasio administration authorized a Brooklyn field hospital to be built to the tune of $21 million. This hospital was opened and now closed, never seeing even one patient.

The Brooklyn Cruise Terminal at Red Hook was one of the five sites converted to medical facilities to reduce the burden on the city’s hospital system. This site had space for 750 beds and was built by Texas-based construction company, SLCO

Mayor Bill de Blasio announced the plan, the day after the USNS Comfort arrived in New York to care for patients.

“As part of our hospital surge, we expanded capacity at a breakneck speed, ensuring our hospital infrastructure would be prepared to handle the very worst. We did so only with a single-minded focus: saving lives,” de Blasio spokeswoman Avery Cohen told The Post Friday.

The $21 million is expected to be reimbursed by FEMA.

Despite the additional space created to treat patients in New York, patients diagnosed with the Corona Virus were returned to nursing and long term care facilities. At least 5,800 deaths have occurred in these facilities.

Across the country, other emergency facilities had also been closed without having treated one, including an Army Field Hospital, in Seattle.


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