33 SCAM: Masonic 33 Added to the Smorgasbord of Fake News

One might be the loneliest number, at least according to Three Dog Night, but 33 is pretty popular these days.

Of all the forms of persuasion that mainstream media outlets utilize, pathos is meant first to shock, stun and make us shake our heads, then to accept what’s been reported at face value because we saw it “on the news.”

That begs the question, why were 33 new cases of the Corona Virus reported in dozens of cities, and then repeated on TV news?

What is it about the number 33 that has permeated the American psyche that makes us want to search out forbidden knowledge? Where does this come from?

Surprisingly, 33 has shown up in science, religion, and mythology throughout the centuries of world history.

Thirty-three has a long list: the human spine is made up of 33 vertebrae, that’s in the nature, but the rest were set by men; the record player spins at 33 ⅓ RPM, (33 were the days Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi sat on the Articles of Impeachment before handing them in!), water boils at 33 degrees, according to a temperature scale devised by Isaac Newton, who just happened to be a Freemason.

The word amen has a value of 33 in simple English gematria: (a=1) + (m=13) + (e=5) + (n=14) = 33.

Thirty-three is one of the three master numbers, not because it is two identical digits, but because it is representative of the third side of the Triangle of Enlightenment, made up of the numbers 1, 2, and 3. The numbers 11 and 22 are the two other master numbers, with 33 being the highest. All other double digits are power numbers, but not with the same influence as master numbers.


There are actually only three degrees of Masonry: 1) Entered Apprentice; 2) Fellowcraft; and 3) Master Mason.

Scottish Rite Masonry has a degree system of 32 degrees, the first three of which are conferred by ‘Scottish Rite Craft Lodges’ and continue from the 4th through the 32nd degrees. The 33rd Degree of the Scottish Rite is an honorary degree, conferred for exceptional service to Freemasonry.

Or, it’s said to be the level for which the esoteric elite that inhabited the Lodge centuries ago, rank themselves. Ya gotta wonder why?

We’re talking about 33 because it’s on the news. A lot. The newest media scam compilation is what the observant on social platforms are calling the 33 Scam.

We’ve long taken Corona Virus testing numbers with a grain of salt because they were reported “on the news,” but keyboard warriors did their due diligence and debunked the reporting methods and the faulty stats.

Now, we just take it for granted that what’s being reported “on the news” is just media hype. And so it seems.


Not only is 33 enjoying a resurgence in popularity due to its associations — as a Masonic number; the age when Jesus died; and the sacred number of the globalist cabal — the 66s, multiples of 33, are enjoying their 15 minutes of fame, as well.

H.R. 6666—COVID-19 Testing, Reaching, and Contacting Everyone (TRACE) Act that was passed by the 116th Congress draws more focus to the evil machinations of globalist super-villains in their thirst for world conquest. 116. 1 + 1+ 6 = 8. That gets us to the Chaldean theory of numerology, but that’s another can of worms left to be opened another day.

The world has yet to lose its fascination with the number 666, or the Mark of the Beast. Believers postulate between the likelihood of six being pure evil to being a stretch of their collective imaginations.

Reminiscent of Tim Curry in 1985’s Clue as he recounts the number of bullets fired from the gun, “One plus two plus two plus one,” the numerology is: 3+3=6; 11, 22, 33; 1+2+3= 6 = 666. The only real truth in this math is that 33, being a master number, is never reduced.

They told us the Earth spins at 66,600 MPH…

Hidden in plain sight and rubbed in our faces this whole time, now you know why.

Fake news stories that evoke emotional responses from the public are published, news sites all over the world run with the story without a single thought as to the origin or veracity. Death, pain, tears, tragedy, heartache, and scandal sell. Nobody likes to read or hear warm and fuzzy features.

When they add the 33 “signature” you know who did the crime.

A hard news headline is one that grabs readers and the greater the shock value, the story will spread faster than a California wildfire. A familial expression that contrasts the dissemination of lies and truth has been attributed to Mark Twain, who no doubt, garnered it from his forebears: “A lie can travel around the world and back again while the truth is lacing up its boots.”

The rainbow of fake news stories permeates every color of the spectrum and the talking heads and news sites report them with barely a blink of an eye. We’ve seen it over and over: When what appears as a “bombshell” exploding in headlines on page one turns out to be fake, you’d be lucky to find any kind of a retraction on page nine. Why did I say page nine? It must have some significance.

Who would’ve guessed that Baskin-Robbins would miss their shot at mystical notoriety when they stopped at 31 flavors?



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