53rd Army National Guard Brigade Aiding Veterans Nursing Home in Florida


The Florida Army National Guard is assisting with Corona Virus testing for veterans and staff at the Alexander Nininger Jr. State Veterans Nursing Home in Pembroke Pines.

The federal mission for the soldiers from the 53rd Infantry Brigade Combat Team is to mobilize, execute and deploy to conduct successful combat missions. They are also trained and equipped to support local authorities during disaster response, such as hurricanes.

The current mission is to support the state in engaging and defeating the Corona Virus.

The soldiers formed mobile test teams to go room to room in the facility to test the residents. At least one of the soldiers provides tests for the staff members of the facility.

“Being here for veterans is truly meaningful. They paved the way for us as a country, and as current service members, we have learned a lot from them,” said Army Capt. Alex Repp, 2-124 Infantry Company commander. “We are always ready to respond to whatever mission is presented with precision and focus, and that’s what we have done here.”

There are more than 2300 National Guardsmen supporting the states Corona Virus response. Soldiers and airmen operate nine community based testing sites. They have administered over 50,000 sample collections so far.

They also have teams deployed to assist living communities. and are supporting Corona Virus screening operations at seven Florida airports for the Department of Health.




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