AG Barr Vows to Inspect Elections; Holdover Investigator Resigns; Dems Scramble

The director of the Justice Department’s Election Crimes Branch Richard Pilger, has resigned following Barr’s order to look into voter fraud allegations. His resignation comes under the guise of protest, however, it might be much more.

The Obama-era hold-over is the one who colluded with Lois Lerner of the IRS to weaponize the agency against taxpayers.

The Wall Street Journal noted that “Mr. Pilger was also a foot on the gas pedal during the IRS’s increased screening of conservative 501(c) groups. In 2010, he reached out to then IRS tax-exempt chief Lois Lerner about prosecuting nonprofits that engaged in political activity for making false statements on their tax returns. In an October 2010 email exchange, Ms. Lerner and Mr. Pilger discussed the transfer of data on 501(c) organizations. The Justice Department ended up with a database of 1.1 million documents, including protected taxpayer information.”

Since Attorney General William Barr directed U.S. Attorneys to pursue allegations of voter fraud, Dems have been put on high alert and are scrambling for damage control. The Attorney General cited that voting irregularities, if true, can impact the outcome of this election and erode the public’s trust in federal elections.

The New York Times reported Monday night Pilger, who was slated to aid in the voter fraud investigation, stepped “down from the post within hours” of Barr’s directive.

Meanwhile, back at the ranch, Philadelphia Mayor Jim Kenney said that the president needs to “put on his big boy pants” and concede the election. This leads many voters to wonder what Philly’s Kenney has to hide. It’s all about damage control as the 20 votes that had been awarded to Joe Biden reverted to the undetermined column to put the state back into play.

Well, son-of-a-b ….. look what just happened.

A new fear has raised its ugly head, as far as Democrats are concerned. Speculation as to what President Donald Trump will do when he leaves office is making some prominent Dems very nervous.

Trump has revealed classified and declassified information while he has been in office, but as a former president, he can spill the beans about everything he knows about all of Washington’s swamp creatures. The headless chickens that have been pushing the media farce really do have something to worry about.


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