All Eyes on SDNY as Maxwell Sex Trafficking Charge Set to Trigger Deep State Arrest Dominos

Soon, the world’s attention will be on the Halls of Justice, at 500 Pearl Street in downtown Manhattan, where debutante sex trafficker Ghislaine Maxwell will be charged Tuesday, Bastille Day, by the federal attorneys of the Southern District of New York.

Pulling on that elegant spaghetti strap that is Ghis unravels a phantasmagoric little black dress that, for generations, leveraged the classic honeypot, amped by closed circuit recordings of every interaction, to ply sex slaves as inducements to trap VIPs into blackmail.

By some estimates, going back to the 1960s, two-thirds of everyone in Washington, D.C., exists under the thumb of these dark overlords. The Deep State’s army is less of a volunteer force than a cabal of those living in fear of their forbidden secrets being exposed.

The State of New York vs. Ghislaine Maxwell will finally reveal the inner workings of these machinations, and, when following the money, bring down the billionaire perverts in her rarefied orbit, but also free everyone held captive in this bleak game.

But the venue of these charges is the biggest indicator of what’s to come. Indeed, in session for the first time on November 3, 1789, the United States District Court for the District of New York even predating the Supreme Court by four months.

Ghislaine is not alone in the SDNY’s dockets of evil.


In what is studiously avoided by the mainstream media (looking at you, New York Post), but on the minds of everyone following the back-channel chatter, the SDNY is about to play a starring role in the battle against evil.

Remember, SDNY is where Hollywood predator and scapegoat Harvey Weisntein was convicted, and where Ghislaine’s boyfriend / boss Jeffrey Epstein was about to be, before he slipped through Lady Justice’s fingers, whether you believe dead or alive. (We’re going for still alive.)

Who took this famous pic may have been the party photographer or the Duke of York, himself, but everyone knows this costume party was held by the twisted Prince Andrew for one of his daughter’s birthday parties. Yes, he is in the scopes of SDNY, too, but just another name-brand fish — though even Randy Andy is not the Big Kahuna here.

Tugging on Ghislaine brings down all those, plus Epstein’s famous “wealth management” client, the King of Columbus, Ohio, Les Wexner whose Victoria Secret models were fish in the barrel for ole’ Jeffrey who kept many as concubines in a New York apartment building he owned for that purpose.

Wexner also gifted/sold-for-$1 that infamous $75 million Upper East Side townhouse to Epstein, who outfit the space with video cameras on every room to record the depraved goings on that he encouraged of his revelers.

Artnet wrote of his pad: “the aggressively unsettling decor of Epstein’s homes, which includes displays of prosthetic eyeballs, a female mannequin hanging from a chandelier, and a chessboard whose pieces featured the likenesses of his staff clad only in underwear.”

And remember this great painting also on his wall?

Hanging on Jeffrey Epstein’s wall in New York City, Petrina Ryan-Kleid, Parsing Bill (2012) via the New York Academy of Art.

And not to be outdone by his Little St. James, Caribbean debauchery island, Epstein and Ghislane, the submarine captain, also had another party lair, on a military island off of Venezuela, at which, when she returned after a year’s absence, she found that its safe of evidence had been plundered in full – the safe dismounted and stolen. (And you wonder why AG Barr has an arrest warrant out for Caracas’s strongman Nicolas Maduro — for the drug trafficking or just because the SDNY wants to get its hands on those tapes? Or, maybe, it was us who stole the safe?)

Back to defrocking Wexner, and his carefully constructed world of University of Ohio and arts philanthropy and that beard of late-in-life marriage to wife Abigail, will ultimately bring down his whole gang.

MEGA is his group of self-styled superhero Jewish billionaires — Ron Lauder, the Estee Lauder heir; Charles Bronfman, the Seagrams heir; hedge funder Michael Steinhardt; all tied back to gangster Meyer Lansky — who apply the levers of global diplomacy for the motherland — all big fish, but still not Lochness monster-big.

Following the news, our dear reader knows US Attorney Geoffrey Berman, recently fired from the top SDNY job, had been in receipt of documents showing VP Joe Biden’s corruption, from the hands of the Ukrainian prosecutors, themselves, since 2018. And now we are getting somewhere.

Former US President Bill Clinton in his former Harlem, NY, office with sitting President, at the time, Barack Obama.

SDNY is also home of the investigation into the Clinton Foundation, that multi-billion sale of Hillary Clinton’s state secrets to foreign powers and related political quid pro quo par excellence.

Following Hillary’s tangled web brings you to Huma Abedin, the Muslim Brotherhood mole or handler or simple enabler, depending on who you believe. And that brings us to her wayward husband. Former acolyte of New York’s senior senator Chuck Schumer, the biggest mouth of Queens, disgraced sexting Congressman Anthony Weiner, whose laptop “insurance” of Hillary crimes has been in the possession of the NYPD and SDNY all this time.

Let’s honor New York’s Finest by acknowledging all those brave men and women who viewed the contents of that laptop and are now dead “by suicide” — forget her financial crimes and evidence of treason on there, but it’s about those pictures and videos the NYPD classified most ominously, on page 294, as evidence of Hillary’s “crime against children.”


That ties into the SDNY’s peculiar case against the NFL and its investigation into the Super Bowl XLVIII, held across the Hudson River in New Jersey, in 2014. Forget about the lopsided gridiron battle between the Seattle Seahawks and the Denver Broncos (43-8), the case is about what happened away from the Met Stadium turf. Not for nothing is the Superbowl called the biggest puppy show in town — it is cover for one of the largest child sex trafficking events of the year.

Yay, that rabbit hole is deep but the crumbs are as plain as the eye can see. This link is to the dozens of “charities” that sprung up to “help the children” in honor of the Super Bowl.

This is such a big deal that Congress held a hearing to prep for the New Jersey and cited data from the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children that “more than 10,000 exploited women and girls were trafficked to Miami for the Super Bowl in 2010.”

(Yes, that’s on the very first page — the report is damning. Also, note this was in 2014, under a different presidential administration, and why you don’t remember it being discussed much in our newspapers.)


The twisted game continues — here’s a report from just a few months ago:

“At this year’s Super Bowl in Miami, calls reporting human trafficking were up 163 percent. The Women’s Fund of Miami-Dade County reported 20 victims of human sex trafficking were recovered, four of which were missing children identified by the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children. Additionally, eight buyers of sex trafficking and 34 accomplices were arrested.”

For what it’s worth, that quote brings you as close to the truth as we can get until this all hits the front page in earnest, though here are links to two more little features as our journalists begin to grapple with reality.


But let us bring it back to Lady Ghislaine. Not the woman but the boat her daddy Robert Maxwell died on, or, rather, fell overboard from, in 1991.

We are left with the mystery of this man, but a close reading of the history paints a sordid picture much closer to the truth and its cover up.

The best version of this tale is from a now deplatformed blog on America’s mockingbird media, but was saved by another fringe truthteller who recovered the report. “Best” because it pulls no punches.

And, wouldn’t ya know, that story isn’t really about Robert Maxwell, but about Rupert Murdoch, or specifically, how Rupert took over Maxwell’s gig for the Cabal.

Out of nowhere, Australian Murdoch showed up in London in 1968 to be the white knight to acquire The News of the World from family ownership after they soured on Maxwell’s bid because he was a “foreigner” — a Czech, but read that as he was a Jew.

The loss ended Maxwell’s business momentum that was fueled by constant M&A, and it pushed him more deeply into the intelligence agencies he had apparently been working for his whole life.

One of his greatest scams had been the PROMIS software, an early business accounting tool that he sold with a backdoor to allow spooks to spy on everyone via this database that connected all criminal cases, government documents, bank transactions, arms shipments or airplane parts.

Special Counsel Nicholas Bua to the Attorney General Regarding INSLAW March 1993 DOJ

From serving in the British embassy in Berlin at the end of WWII, to Britain’s MI-6 CIA-homologue to MI-5, the British FBI, he used media to do bidding for intelligence operatives.

Most famously, he snitched to the Mossad about how Mordechai Vanunu tried to get his Daily Mirror newspaper to reveal Israel’s nuclear secrets, and the whistleblower was snatched up and imprisoned, and his story later championed by journalist Sy Hersh. (Maxwell also helped smuggle airplane parts to Israel in its 1948 War for Independence and won Czechoslovak support that was vital to winning that war.)

And when he fell from grace, Maxwell went to the KGB, where he used his Pergamon publishing house to push Moscow’s Communist anti-propaganda propaganda — most ironically and evocatively when he put out Dezinformatsia: The Strategy of Soviet Disinformation.

But where did he stop? If the game for control is about blackmail and it has been going on for a long time, inquiring minds want to know if Ghislaine’s sordid business really started with Daddy?

Quite easily, the ship Lady Ghislaine, known for hosting power lunches and decadent soirees, could have been rigged for video by the world’s spooks.

Robert Maxwell’s Headington Hill Hall, in Oxford, England

Maxwell also owned palatial estates to host those parties — and we’ve been led to believe only Jeffrey Epstein could stoop so low as to place covert video in every room.

Maxwell died at sea. His body was supposedly found floating in the deep blue off Spain’s Canary Islands. He could have suffered a heart attack and slipped — or, just as easily, been clocked on the head or shot and then dumped overboard.


It could have been the spooks who killed him. It could have also been Ghislaine and Jeffrey.

And when they went through Maxwell’s books, his sons who took over the company soon had to declare bankruptcy, because of a $1 billion hole in its pension fund.

Well — what if Ghislaine killed him and Jeffrey looted the pension fund?

How Bonnie and Clyde got their start — every great empire begins with a crime.

Flush with cash to fund the lifestyle, Epstein segued into his role as wealth manager for perverts. His pitch would be something like this —

“I hope you enjoyed the party last night, Les — and by the way, what you did to that poor child is on tape, safe in our vault. But don’t worry – we’re your friends, we want to help you, if you help us. Transfer $1 billion into my account. I’ll charge you a 2% fee, so that’s $20 million, and we’ll invest in whatever’s safe and sound, and I’ll take 20% off that return, so another $20 million to me. But now that you’re part of the club, I’ll invite you every month to a great party, all the best people, tremendous food, fine art displays, fireworks, we’ll host it beautiful remote mansions around the world, and after the brandies and cigars, I’ll personally supply you with all the kids to rape to your heart’s content. No worries! Everyone at the party is on the same deal…”

Let’s not make light, but the truth at the core of this world is even darker than this.

Of course, it’s not the love of children that fuels this thing, never mind what the euphemism the newspapers report — “girls as young as 15.”

The terrible truth is that the kids are more like three-years-old, they are drugged, gang raped and tortured, murdered in Satanic sacrifice, their adrenaline-rich blood drained for kicks and a chemical high from the adrenochrome.

And when it turns out that everyone who’s rich and famous is in on it, the world will fall to its knees with tears and sorrow, the pitchforks will be out and we the people will finally storm the castle.

It’s been in plain sight all along. From the movie plots of Disney’s Monsters, Inc. to Rosemary’s Baby to Eyes Wide Shut. To the twisted art collections of the former CEO of Nike to Democrat fixer John Podesta.


There’s a final connection to Ghislaine and Robert Maxwell. At the bloody heart of the modern art movement to bring this death cult into our homes is a performance movement called Spirit Cooking. The doyen of that is Marina Abramovic.

She emerged from nowhere, became an experimental artist who entered the political lexicon when John Podesta’s leaked emails published by WikiLeaks revealed all the Democrat elite were her biggest fans and had invited her to perform her show at their dinner party. The performance goes from edgy to insane, with writing with blood on the walls and mixing concoctions of bodily fluids and cutting herself with a knife.

The joke is on us, of course, because these aren’t symbols and codes, they’re just for fun!

In a defense, her biographer wrote:

“What she has done is graze world religions and esoteric spiritual practices as source material for experimental performances and as meditation tools to salve her bottomless emotional pain.”

Just old fashion Babylonian Moloch worshiping, read all about it in the Bible with my namesake King Josiah rooting out at that evil, burning it all to ashes in the Kidron Valley!

And, as part of this twisted world, there’s a thread around Baphomet, the hermaphrodite incarnation of the devil. We will be terrified to learn how many Hollywood starlets started their lives as little boys. The deal in the cult is the first born is sacrificed to the cult or raised transgender.

Robert Maxwell had nine kids. Michael, his eldest, is said to have been in a car accident at 15, fell into a coma and died at 22.

More likely, though, Michael became Marina and she/he’s been holding blood séances for our political leaders.

Ghislaine’s older “sister” is a spitting image of her dad.

All eyes on the SDNY; here on in, it’s going to get ugly.


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  1. It is impossible to imagine the horror and depravity of Epstein, Clinton, Obama, Maxwell, and the rest of these spawn from Hell. They are the children of Satan and are doing his bidding above and beyond that which could be expected from so called humans.
    It is also impossible to believe that Kamala Harris is not deeply involved deeply in this quagmire. Perhaps this is what Mr. Brown was trying to warn America about.


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