Anchors Aweigh: More Navy Re-Up Cash for 2020

It’s Anchors Aweigh, as thousands of sailors stand to gain more bonus cash as the Navy announced expansion of its 2020 Selective Reenlistment Bonus program last week. Sailors in 27 different skill sets who were not previously eligible are now being offered reenlistment bonuses.

In a press release announcing the changes, Capt. Angela Katson, head of enlisted plans and policy for the chief of naval personnel, said 10,000 more enlisted sailors will qualify for the reenlistment bonuses. The changes are meant to give sailors more flexibility and stability in their lives and careers.

“Although overall enlisted retention is high, the Navy continues to use the Selective Reenlistment Bonus program to offer competitive financial incentives to sailors in needed skill sets across the fleet,” Capt. Katson said.

While the bonuses vary by rate and time in uniform, they will be adjusted to those in hard-to-fill jobs, according to the service-wide announcement.

The changes are not due to the global pandemic currently causing travel restrictions within the Military, nor to maintain the size of the force. Pentagon leaders have said that it is unlikely that stop-loss orders will be given to extend sailors’ exit dates.



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