Army’s Call to Arms: 27,000 Vets Return to Active Duty; 800,000 Respond to Call for Help

Soldiers for life are answering the Army’s call for volunteers to render aid in the fight against the Corona Virus pandemic. To date, more than 27,000 vets have volunteered in returning to active duty, with 6,000 vets in medical specialties, according to Maj. Gen. Joseph Calloway, head of U.S. Army Human Resources Command.

“The service, with the help of the Army Surgeon General’s office, is in the process of vetting about 400 medical professionals who meet Army standards and can be afforded the proper security clearances to deploy to [relieve overburdened civilian medical specialists, doctors, and nursing personnel in] various hot spots across the U.S.,” Maj. Gen. Calloway said.

The call for volunteers first went out in March to those who had served in medical specialties, but soldiers in other fields reached out to Human Resource Command to offer their services , as well. More than 800,000 service members have responded to help fight the pandemic.

According to Brig. Gen. Twanda E. Young, U.S. Army Human Resources Command deputy commanding general and reserve personnel management director, “If individuals are already serving in their local communities, we are proud of their service and want them to continue serving in those communities, as this effort is not to detract from current community support, but to enhance it.”

Army planners are working to process applications to determine where volunteer soldiers can serve. Open-ended orders have not been cut to date, as volunteers are still being vetted and processed, and ultimately sorted by specialty and matched with the Army’s needs. The Army expects to give veterans flexibility so that they may get their affairs in order before they deploy.

Medical detachments have deployed around the country, most notably, in hospitals in New York and Seattle. Three mobile field hospital units with approximately 300 staff members each have also been deployed by the Army.



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