As Seattle’s Police Chief Resigns, Chicago and Portland PDs Brace for the Axe

As city councils across America are taking Seattle’s lead and are voting to defund their police departments, blue lives in major Democratic cities are set to see sweeping changes, despite calls to “Back the Blue.”

Not only is Chicago on fire, city officials are now under fire for their response to the riots that left Chicago’s Magnificent Mile in shambles. Mayor Lori Lightfoot and District Attorney Kim Foxx fall under scrutiny for supporting rioters, as charges against felons in the city have been dropped and anarchists have been released back onto the city’s streets.

As Seattle’s police chief has turned in her resignation to the city council, Chicago’s Police Chief David Brown could be the next blue life to be cut down by an administration that favors upholding the rights of anarchists and punishes those who are vocal in their demands for law and order.

When he was sworn in as the city’s top cop in April, Brown said, “Buckle your seatbelts. We’re headed to the moon.” His moonshot goals were meant to lower Chicago’s skyrocketing crime rate. However, Brown could be in for a down-to-earth crash and burn if Chicago’s city council decides to defund its police department.

Thirty minutes after the Seattle City Council’s 7-1 vote to defund the city’s police department, Seattle Police Chief Carmen Best’s letter of resignation was submitted to the department. Best has been an outspoken critic of the council’s handling of this summer’s CHAZ/CHOP debacle.

Q13 Fox reporter Brandi Kruse confirmed that the announcement of Best’s resignation is imminent. She notes Best’s displeasure with the 40% pay cut that is in her future.

”Chief Carmen Best is the first black woman to lead the @SeattlePD. She is well respected by the rank and file, as well as community leaders. Seattle’s political and activist class will have to own this.” Kruse said.

In the Rose City, Portland’s Trailblazers aren’t the only ones on fire.

After 70 days of rioting, Portland’s Mayor Ken Wheeler finally condemns the rioting when he realized that it was not federal agents causing the mayhem and chaos.

After telling rioters that they are being used as a prop for President Donald Trump’s re-election campaign, rioters blocked the exits of the East Precinct and tried to burn it to the ground with all the Portland police inside. Only then, was Wheeler moved to speak out.

According to a Fox News report, Wheeler said, “When you commit arson with an accelerant in an attempt to burn down a building that is occupied by people who you have intentionally trapped inside, you are not demonstrating, you are attempting to commit murder,” Wheeler said in a news conference with Portland Police Chief Chuck Lovell.

“I believe that city staff could have died last night,” Wheeler said. “I cannot and I will not tolerate that. This is not peaceful protests. This is not advocacy to advance reforms.”

Battleground Portland’s call for direct action in response to “Round 2” will not go unanswered, according to a Portland Police spokesman. However, with Portland Police Department on the city council’s chopping block, there might not be anyone left there to answer the call.

In the wake of the George Floyd riots, Jami Resch, who was barely six months into her job as Portland’s police chief, resigned in June. Her replacement, Charles Lovell, acknowledged that with a push by the City Council to remove funding from the bureau’s budget and current vacancies in the ranks, that ideal may take some time to reach and require significant restructuring.

“It’s time for it to come back in a way where people in the community know their police officer, where an officer has accountability to a community because they have to show up every day there, provide service and work together to solve the problems in that community,’’ he said.

“Unfortunately, that’s not going to happen soon.’’

Photo by: Noah Berger
Mayor Ted Wheeler was following protesters in Portland, Oregon, but made a U-turn after some of them set fires outside a barricaded police precinct. He has ordered city police to do “whatever is necessary” to quash the ongoing violence. (Associated Press/File)


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