BAD CDC MATH: True Pandemic Death Rate Is 3 Out of 100,000

Every death matters, every person has a soul and family that is left behind. But in the world of actuaries and death rates, it’s not every life that matters, but where it stands in 100,000.

In terms of the Corona Virus, the CDC said that, as of September 7th, 57 people out of 100,000 have died from it. But what they also finally revealed this past week, only 6% of the deaths were people who had no other underlying conditions.

In other words, 57 X 0.06 = 3.4 out of 100,000. That is 0.00003%.




Even the trend graph has been updated to show that the death rate to number of cases since approximately April 1 was much lower than had been previously reported by the CDC and the mainstream media.

Compare these stats with some of the other death rates from the CDC website.

Heart disease in 2018 shows 163 deaths per 100,000. Cancer lists 149 per 100,000 and the lowest being suicide was 14 in 2018. That last number is expected to be higher this year due to the potential panic, hysteria, stress and financial loss caused by the corona virus pandemic.

Originally, the stats on the CDC website and the public health professionals,” including Dr. Fauci and Dr. Birx, along with guidance from the W.H.O. predicted hundreds of thousands of deaths and sent everyone into pandemonium causing the country to shut down and fear their neighbors, friends, family and co-workers for the last six months.

Small businesses were forced to close, while larger corporate ones remained opened. Churches closed, but you could get a 6-pack, bottle of gin and a lottery ticket at your nearest liquor store. The states still had to get their tax income from those revenue sources after all.

Then came the narrative that you should mail in your votes because it would be unsafe to physically go to the polls. On the other hand, you could go to Walmart and stand in line for an hour waiting for them to restock the toilet paper while coughing and sneezing into your three day old mask then fight with the person next to you over that last roll.

Of course, this doesn’t fit the narrative of the mainstream media that would rather feed the panacea that everyone needs to stay home in fear so that they don’t go out and vote. Afterall, it is their mission to prevent Trump from winning this election at all costs, including the complicity of helping to incite panic by inflating the hysteria of the disease, cause racial division among American citizens, fuel riots in the streets and cause chaos by disseminating dis-information and propaganda.

The fact is that if President Donald J. Trump hadn’t taken the actions that he did, some against the ‘professional’s opinions, the U.S. may have had a much higher death toll. Here is a comparison of how we actually fared with other countries:

With all of their fanfare during the crisis, it’s always telling when what looks like it could be a bombshell number is posted with absolutely no fanfare at all.

We are bombarded with so much information day in and day out that we almost become anesthetized to it and become robotic in our daily routines that we miss the external clues that are coming in that something is amiss. It took a close reader to go to the website, see those numbers and report them to other patriots for the world to take notice.

This corona virus may have been the wake up call we needed to cause us to stop and begin to open our eyes to what is going on around us and to what our government is doing behind closed doors. We should stop blindly trusting the government and media to tell us what or how to think and start researching and thinking for ourselves.

Why are we still wearing masks and locked down?

To make people afraid, to ruin the economy, to help Joe Biden win. Or, better said, to futilely try to prevent the giant Trump reelection victory everyone can see coming, even Joe from the cellar window in his quarantine basement.


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