BAD OMEN: VA Banning Flag Placement is Tantamount to its Institutional Failure

Last week, when the U.S. Department of Veteran’s Affairs’ National Cemetery Administration announced that it would commemorate Memorial Day this year with solemn wreath laying ceremonies, eliminating the time-worn tradition of placing flags on gravesites at national cemeteries by volunteer groups, Veterans shed tears.

Widespread uncertainty as to the proper protocols necessary to uniformly protect the public from the coronavirus was blamed for the decision.

But that defies logic. From an institution that is supposed to be far advanced in the world of medical expertise and at the forefront of medical pioneering decisions and technology, we want to expect more.

For example, the anti-malarial drug HCQ has been proven to be quite effective at curing the disease and even probably being an effective prophylactic against it, but mainstream media and the VA is keeping that knowledge hidden from the public. Why? Could it be to perpetuate fear? Confusion? Control of the masses? Make money?

Or, why not just have the volunteers work six-feet apart? The graves on top of each other, our cemeteries of buried soldiers are sadly vast.

Why is the Veteran’s Administration claiming to be on the side of helping veterans, but in reality, many veterans are still committing suicide? Can they not help us at all?

The VA is completely out of touch when it comes to what veteran’s want or need.

I am a veteran and I use the VA healthcare system. Most of the doctors and nurses do a great job and actually do care. The problem is not with the medical care.

The problem with the VA is on the administrative side. The bureaucrats, from the local level all the way to Washington, do not have a finger on what veterans want or need and if they do, they do not care about us.

Veterans struggle through the long, slow process to obtain benefits and are met with resistance at every step of the way.

It is my experience that even if qualified under the VAs own regulations, a veteran can still be denied outright with no explanation. It’s frustrating and tiresome.

Many veterans just give up. Some commit suicide due to mental health conditions that go unchecked because, even though the VA claims to want to help, their bureaucracy tells a different story.

The Veteran’s Experience Line set up by President Trump is not much help either.

Countless phone calls to them to try to obtain any explanation as to why the VA is not adhering to their own regulations when evaluating disabilities, and the veteran is left in the same place as before – with no answers.

The whole system is a sham. The public is led to believe that the VA is there to help veterans, while us veterans know that the VA is of no help at all.

There seems to be an underlying theme with the bureaucracy of the VA that if they eliminate the problem it will go away. However, the problem to them seems to be the veteran.

If the VA does not get a better understanding of what is important to veterans and their families, this veteran thinks that there will be more veterans in national cemeteries needing flags placed in the future at an alarming rate.

At this point, the VA is not getting it right for the living or the dead.


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