CABAL LIFE: ‘Mr. President, Are You Secretly Saving the World from a Satanic Cult of Pedophiles & Cannibals?’


At the White House Briefing Room

At the White House Briefing Room on Wednesday afternoon, an NBC News reporter wearing a face mask asked the President of the United States in the second part of a bombshell two-part question, after attempting unsuccessfully to confirm the same with his press secretary:

“Inside of this theory, is this belief that you are secretly saving the world from this Satanic cult of pedophiles and cannibals. Does that sound like something you are behind?”

Turning the question around on her and the millions watching, in the Socratic method style of the whole Q movement, U.S. President Donald J. Trump replied, “Well, I, I haven’t heard that but I, uh, is that supposed to be a bad thing or a good thing?”

For the nearly three years that the Q team has been posting links to declassified documents that lay out the case against the Cabal from what appears to be inside the White House or Pentagon, the vitriol against the movement is reaching its crescendo.

President Trump said, “If I can help save the world from problems, I’m willing to do it. I’m willing to put myself out there. And we are really, we’re saving the world from radical Left philosophy that will destroy this country and when this country is gone, the rest of the world would follow.

“The rest of the world would follow. That’s the importance of this country.”

He listed the border wall, virus testing and other methods and actions his administration has taken to solve some of the ‘problems’ and offered to resolve the lawlessness in Chicago and New York, and could do it within 24 hours if the mayors and governors of the problem cities and states would only ask for his help.

“We need strength in this country, not weakness,” he said.

Earlier, the same face-masked NBC News reporter had asked Press Secretary Kayleigh McKennany if the President had ever discussed the QAnon movement with her, to which she replied:

“No, I’ve never heard of that. There’s a lot of media focus on that, but certainly never heard of that from the President.”

When she had the chance to ask the President, himself, this is what the reporter posed as the first part of her question:

“During the pandemic, the QAnon movement has been, appears to be gaining a lot of followers, can you tell me about what you think about that and what you have to say to people who are following that right now?”

President Trump hesitated for a moment to be cautious with his answer. He acknowledged that he knew about “the movement” and that he “understood they like me very much, ah, which I appreciate.”

He said he was aware of the movement that began a few years ago already and that these were people who didn’t like seeing what was going on in places like Portland, New York and Chicago.

President Trump said, “I heard that these are people that love our country and they just don’t like seeing it.”

He reiterated that point: “I’ve heard that these people do supposedly like me and they also would like to see problems in these areas, like especially in these problem areas like we’re talking about go away.”

The journalist left befuddled and everyone else was asking what we’ve learned?

There’s a group of people who don’t like the chaos in which the country has descended amid this nationwide shutdown, the street violence and the chaos of rioters, a movement of which he is aware, and if they call for the end of a cabal led by a “Satanic cult of pedophiles and cannibals,” so be it, would that be such a bad thing?


The FBI, via Tweet

Around the same time on Wednesday, the FBI, via Tweet, posted its copy of the Protocols of the Elders of Zion, complete with J. Edgar Hoover’s notes.



Where our Cabal-controlled schools trained us to dismiss that as the “baseless anti-Semitic forgery” of the late 19th and early 20th century, readers of Q understand that not to be the full story. At all.

Rather, as per the Cabal’s modus operandi, its leadership derives great pleasure in parading its plan openly, while at the same time pointing to those who recognize it as fools for seeing the truth.

Indeed, the Protocols are the game plan written by the Cabal, under its 18th century branding of Illuminati, who gained control over the free world via the central bank mechanism that brought inflation and poverty to every country, including America, which forfeited sovereignty to their technocracy.

This is the same Cabal that Alexander Hamilton (he of the musical) brought to power and that President Andrew Jackson gloated as ending their charter as his greatest achievement. These are the same savages who murdered President Abraham Lincoln for printing his own U.S. currency to survive the cost of the Civil War and who shot President John F. Kennedy when he signed Executive Order 1111 to usher in the same.

That the Rothschild banking dynasty, the Warburgs, Schiffs, Loebs and other financial henchman signed on and furthered their power through the U.S. Federal Reserve, which President Trump, in the dramatic crashing of the stock markets, debt markets and oil markets, at the start of the pandemic, fully bankrupted and brought under control of the U.S. Treasury, is common knowledge to those who read Q.

What the President of the United States and the Federal Bureau of Investigation told the American people on Wednesday, their jig is up, patriots are in control.

The Protocols was the Cabal’s very own plan to create power by causing chaos and division for humanity only here cloaked in the veil that it was “the Jews who did it.” The symbology is not lost in these Globalist bastards — the octopus strangling their globe is them.

Jew, being a descendant of the Israelite tribe, believes in monotheism and lives in deference to that Great Force that constantly creates the Universe, is far from the truth here, in terms of that document and who is in control. The proverbial Jews In Name Only (JINOs) who are in the top echelons of the Cabal are among the very same Satanists and pedophiles that Q rails against.

One of the Cabal’s most enduring sleights of hand was to insert “the Jews did it” lie: if you couldn’t point an accusatory finger at the maleficent force we now know as the Cabal, and you had to resort to what else these vicious overlords had in common, and many of them seem to profess the Jewish faith, you’d easily be tricked into saying “the Jews did it.”

At which point they got you, as you trigger the automatic application of America’s hate speech laws, for which the Cabal created a press organ called the Anti-Defamation League, today run by a former Obama staffer, to engage the Fifth Estate in slamming you across their front pages as an anti-Semite.

No, you’re just anti-Cabal — End the Fed, outlaw fractional lending, bring us back to gold.

If you want to say the Federal Reserve is bunk, that every cent the IRS brings in every year goes to pay the interest on our $20 trillion debt (or is it now $30 trillion?) to them, that it’s not actually a bank lending us their capital, but a printer who just creates bank notes — this is just a scam to siphon off our wealth, you’d be right.

The “Aldrich Plan” to create the Fed was put forward by Rockefeller’s son-in-law (how convenient!) and its biggest opponents died on the Titanic, which turned out to actually have been the rebadged and already cracked-up Majestic to ensure it sunk — both owned by JP Morgan who missed the departure at the last minute.

But mention a central bank that is all powerful, or link the same to any Jewish banker who always seems to be on its board, and, boom, they got ya, evil anti-Semite. Call in the ADL to sic the newspapers on the Jew hater!

It’s a ruse.

Sadly, what many real Jews thought was an institution created to protect the honest Yiddish-speaking tailor or tradesman or school teacher or unemployable wretch from his brutish neighbors, the ADL was really just to protect the trillionaire JINOs of the Cabal.

A lone group did spring forth to help the picked-upon street Jew whom the ADL never lifted a finger for — the Jewish Defense League.

This non-affiliated, non-approved, non-giving-two-shits of an organization, taught poor Jews how to stand up and fight, whether they be on the old streets of New York’s Lower East Side or by the palm trees in the former sand swamp now known as Tel Aviv. Stand and fight, show your might, that makes you right, at least that was the gist.

In 1968, the Jewish Defense League put out a 4-page manifesto which stated:

“‘America has been good to the Jew and the Jew has been good to America. A land founded on the principles of democracy and freedom has given unprecedented opportunities to a people devoted to those ideals’ yet now finds itself threatened by ‘political extremism’ and ‘racist militancy.’ Furthermore, the manifesto stated that the organization rejects all hate and illegality, believes firmly in law and order, backs police forces and will work actively in the courts to strike down all discrimination.”

And what happened to this group, you ask? Totally marginalized, condemned, their leader, after giving a public lecture at a hotel in Midtown Manhattan, was actually assassinated, probably by an MK Ultra gunman, with an accomplice also involved in the original WTC bombing.

Too much truth: the Cabal didn’t want to liberate the Jews in America any more than the blacks, the Chinese or the Irish. Get it? We’re all their slaves here, friend.


But if you don’t know it already, how would you find out?

But if you don’t know it already, how would you find out?

Certainly not via the newspapers owned by six corporations that control 15,500 media outlets.

But maybe you’d hear about it on social media, where the truth has sometimes run free.

The FBI apologized for posting it, automatic process, you understand, no offense intended.

But the point was made. Knowledge was spread.

And while the accredited White House press corps tried to push the President into a gotcha moment for sanctioning citizens against chaos, Facebook, the country’s social media platform, ruled that very same citizen speech should be shutdown.

In total, 790 Facebook Groups, 100 Pages, 1,500 ads, and 300 hashtags should no longer have the right to communicate to their neighbors, while another 1,950 Facebook Groups, 440 Pages and 10,000-plus accounts on Facebook’s Instagram platform would be shadowbanned, removed from search or otherwise see their reach limited.

Too much Q, they said.

NBC News, curiously enough, had warned us this would happen a week ago — Facebook leaked to them that Q groups totaling 3 million follows were being targeted for removal or other action to limit the free exchange of ideas.

But the social media law still holds. Section 47 U.S. Code § 230 of the Communications Decency Act, which the White House has issued Executive Orders to enforce, means that social media platforms do not have the right to limit any user’s freedom of speech. Facebook, one of the richest companies in America, doesn’t care.

What’s shocking, though, is, as the United States President said, these are people who want to see chaos ended and the powerful held to account. Why shut them down?

In other words, either there’s been some giant misunderstanding or Facebook actually wants to see the opposite of those goals thrive, that chaos should reign and the perverts and murderers operating behind the veil succeed with their nefarious aims to dominate the populace.

The Oligarch of Menlo Park added a false equivalency to his edict: while supporters of Q would be limited because they possessed means for violence, so would accounts of supporters of ANTIFA, literally named in homage a front group of violent street thugs who were the counterweight for the Nazis in World War II and responsible for today’s chaos and mayhem in Seattle, Portland, Chicago and New York City. ANTIFA supporters lost 980 Facebook Groups, 520 Pages and 160 ads and 1,400 hashtags on Instagram.

So, one group seems menacing to those opposing law and order and the other is responsible for causing the mayhem, treated similarly.

Never to miss out on posing a riddle, Q Team posted late on Wednesday night:

Ask yourself a very simple question –
Why is everything re: ‘Q’ being censored, banned, and attacked?
When do you expend ammunition [resources]?

The answer is they shoot when you are over the target — we’re hitting them where it hurts, in reality.

As the refrain goes, all for a cult that asks you to think for yourself; conspiracy no more, there might just be something to it. Truth hurts.


Dirk Diggler from Delaware

So the night before career politician Joseph R. Biden, from the second-smallest state in the union known for a tiny stretch of beach and hosting the nation’s credit card companies in our only tax-free haven, from his basement, presumably, accepts the Democratic Party’s nomination to challenge the sitting president, in a match already three and a half years in the making, Q poses the question in the next post:

If Ghislaine Maxwell, the woman-at-arms for the world’s greatest sex fiend and blackmailer of the world’s political and corporate titans – or perhaps she’s even his boss? — happens to also be a helicopter and submarine pilot, should it matter that Joe Biden vacations on a sea lane, eight miles away from from Pedo island, Little St. James?

The next post is an article in Politico describing a dodgy land deal made by Biden’s mercantile brother James, himself gifted numerous contracts because of his brother’s influence, and a University of Delaware linebacker who became a corrections officer and then a longtime Biden staffer, now NFL referee and corporate lobbyist. It looks like a $150,000 property pump up and scam on his friend, a nothingburger in comparison to the trillions looted by the Deep State, but certainly the details of the suspicious deal cannot be refuted.

It’s not the first time Biden et Frères et Fils are accused of being corrupt scumbags.

In the epic reversal of trying to impeach President Trump for strong arming the government of Ukraine to investigate Joe Biden, it was Biden, himself, who admitted on video at a meeting of Cabal policy-making arm, the Council of Foreign Relations, that he threatened to take away a billion dollars of aid unless they fired the prosecutor who was investigating Hunter Biden for getting a million dollar annual sinecure from an energy company for the sole merit of being the sitting Vice President’s son.

Amtrak Joe, via his family’s greedy fingers, has always been a crook.

But the hidden factoid in that Politico article is that while the land may still be undeveloped, it has an “excellent view” of the water. And Biden goes to the island frequently, including for the Christmas break after Barack Obama when the Presidency in 2008, he rents the guest house of an orthopedic surgeon, along 1,000 feet of shoreline on Water Island, known for only one thing in history besides being eight miles from Jeffrey Epstein’s playground.

It has Fort Segarra, an abandoned underground military bunker across the channel from St. Thomas, where the Army maintained a submarine base.

This is the same neighborhood where Virgin Atlantic owner and Cabal pervert Sir Richard Branson also owns nearby Necker Island. Point your submarine, or better yet, your seaplane, northwest for 900 miles of quiet blue ocean, you hit the Bahamas, where dozens of private islands are owned by our high and mighty.

If you understand Q Team as being made up of the Office of Naval Intelligence, the NSA, the President’s Secret Service and a few other do-goodniks, with access to all the information ever amassed by the central government, and the question is what do furtive submarine rides to Satanic pedophile bliss have to do with the man vying to be the leader of the free world, well, it gives you something to think about.

Let’s jump to a conclusion, then: while on a Water Island vacation, Biden caught a ride on Ghislaine’s submarine.

The face-masked NBC News reporter should ask him about it.

If he admits to it, will Facebook take away his page?

Better question: will he enjoy quiet time in a private cell, like Ghislaine?

All the other pictures are sadly all real, this one is a montage from The Onion.

Will Biden face the blind scales of American Justice?

How about all the rest of these scoundrels?

And their bosses, the leaders of the Cabal?

Patriots, Stand Up!

Patriots, all we have to do is stand up and their little game is over.

How do we know?

We read all the real history books, but if you’re just tuning in, go read Q.



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  1. Thank you to the reader who pointed out that the NY Times coverage of this news led off high in the article by citing who else but the ADL.

    Here, a week later, they interviewed him extensively – blaming George Soros, the globalist funder of all today’s mayhem, for doing what he did makes you a supremacist, the ADL says.

    Here’s another nasty one from a writer now at MIT, formerly of the Washington Post, formerly of The Atlantic. She posits that Christians are leaving their churches because they want to save the children, instead of listening to social justice sermons. How dare they.


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