Casting The Deciding Vote, Truthtellers Elect Georgia Congresswoman

Construction company owner Marjorie Taylor Greene won a heavily contested Congressional Primary with high turnout in a national-profile campaign, underpinned by a grass-roots support from the QAnon online movement.

Declaring victory on Tuesday night, Greene said she was “just as fed up with what I’ve seen from spineless Republicans” as she was with Democrats.

“The Republican establishment was against me,” Greene said. “The D.C. swamp is against me. And the lying fake news media hates my guts. It’s a badge of honor. It’s not about me winning. This is a referendum on every single one of us, on our beliefs.

Greene showed promise early on when during the first-round primary in June, she nearly doubled her main rival conservative republican candidate and neurosurgeon John Cowan’s vote total.

Greene raised thousands of dollars from Representative Jim Jordan of Ohio, a high-profile Republican lawmaker and a favorite of the president, and a political action committee with which he is associated, the House Freedom Fund, even the NY Times reported.

She also secured modest four-figure donations from political action committees associated with Mark Meadows, a former North Carolina representative who is now Mr. Trump’s chief of staff, and Koch Industries, a financial mainstay of the Republican Party.

The Koch PAC said that it had requested a refund of its donation in June, though it was not clear whether the money was returned.

Greene recently declared that QAnon was “a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to take this global cabal of Satan-worshiping pedophiles out.”

Her online presence became national headline news when she agreed with many of the tenets put forward by America’s truther movement, rather than paying lip service to the politically correct yet incorrect establishment line.

Greene stood out by positioning herself as a strong supporter of Mr Trump and is pro-gun, pro-border wall and anti-abortion.

Rather than be booed off the stage, her online support translated into high donations to her otherwise self-funded campaign and her Retweets turned into votes at the ballot box on Tuesday. Georgia’s 14th Congressional District, one of the most Republican in the country, is expected to vote red in November, so she would be elected easily.

Even the coverage of her victory was mired in hackery. Write ups in the British Guardian and on FOX News were word-for-word — as if they were taking dictation from the very same Deep State overlords Taylor Greene railed against in her campaign.

It may not be pretty. It may sting the ears because it’s the truth and sometimes the truth is hard to hear. But it’s refreshing when someone actually discusses real problems and offers real solutions rather than the usual politician proffering the same solutions that failed for the last fifty years.

That’s why Greene won — because she talked about what matters, not what the media deems ‘appropriate material’.

The claim that the media likes to state across the board, as they parrot the narrative to the masses, is that these candidates, and President Trump, himself, ‘support QAnon’ when the reality is QAnon is doing the supporting of the candidate.

QAnon supporters are becoming a political force that many new Republican candidates and a few already in office, feel they cannot afford to alienate.

Another thing that the media likes to claim is that QAnon is a ‘Right-Wing Conspiracy Theory Group’. The reality is that the media itself is a conspiracy group and QAnon is exposing them as being complicit in decades of nefarious activities, most of which would make their audience’s skin crawl.

At the very least they are spreading dis-information in a coordinated effort to confuse the masses and lead them away from the truth which is power, greed and corruption has run amok in politics, business and social reforms so that the rich elite stay way, while the rest of us scramble about for the leftover crumbs.

QAnon is getting to the truth that the mainstream media chooses not to research for themselves because they have too much to lose if what QAnon exposes becomes known worldwide to the masses on a grand scale.

The problem for the media companies is that this is happening and fast. They can not stop it, and the fact that candidates like Marjorie Taylor Greene are winning Primaries is evidence that the world is waking up. The media is not happy about it. They can no longer control the narrative. They can no longer control us like sheep.

Independent news journalists are uncovering the real truth and exposing it to the masses and QAnon is a source for some of that material which can then be verified through links to official documents and records, using computers for what they were built for but an unintended outcome. The conclusions can be drawn from the actual evidence so that the reader can make an honest appraisal and evaluate for themselves where the truth lies.

Running through the calumnies against her, the liberal attack tropes fall to the side once a rational citizen sees them for the puffery and fraud they really are.

Greene was dubbed ‘racist’, and called ‘antisemitic’ and said to have anti-Muslim views by Left-Wing.

However, when her ‘views’ are actually analyzed, everything she has said has been factually backed up by data and simple observation.

As for her claim that George Soros, who happens to be Jewish, and a billionaire, has been funding terrorist groups such as ANTIFA. This has already been proven when the money trail is followed. The mainstream media won’t say that, of course.

Instead, they try to claim Greene is anti-Semitic because it is more dramatic than the truth and is more attention-grabbing and provides a great headline to draw the audience in. It’s also the excuse to blackball her from polite company — which is what they wanted all along.

Another truth asserted by Greene was the fact that Muslims, particularly the Muslim Brotherhood have infiltrated our government at the highest levels and are trying to destroy it from within.

For example, last head of the CIA, John Brennan, converted to Islam in 1979 when stationed in Saudi Arabia and will be found in the FISAGATE scandal as one of its principal engineers.

Meanwhile, Ilhan Omar has admittedly made comments against ‘white’ Americans as seen in this video here — all Greene did was repeat it.

Senator John McCain was linked to ISIS leaders and photographed with them as he made deals to arm those actually killing American G.I.s. President Barack Obama’s Senior Advisor was Valerie Jarrett, born in Iran, and leader of his policy of detente with that country and the $1.7 billion in cash that administration gave America’s enemy for 40 years — how did we all forget the truth here, Green asked? And voters answered.

Politicians in ‘the squad’ AOC or Ilhan Omar, were ‘elected’ and have made several attempts at making laws and proposals that, if passed, would destroy many of the freedoms and liberties we, as American’s have enjoyed for over 200 years.

For example, defunding the police, while ignoring the fact that the protests are violent and need proper policing to regain order of the cities that have been plagued by them— how backwards can their thinking be?.

As for the third accusation against Greene, that she is racist, is easily debunked as well.

Her statement was along the lines of the fact that drugs and gangs are holding young black people back from getting ahead in life.

Well, unless you’ve been to the inner cities across America, you may not believe this stuff, but it’s true and obvious.

Young black kids, more proportionately than white kids, come from broken homes, which is a fact, and that many of those same kids turn to drugs and gangs as a way out, which is also a fact.

Here is a meme put forward by a black man calling it like it is:

The real conspiracy is Margaret Sanger and Planned Parenthood were set up to harvest on black folk, to destroy their family units and, what is most gobsmacking to emerging leaders, including Greene, funded by cutouts from the Democratic Party.


The more the truth comes out, the more voters are incensed by the corruption and double-dealing of our elected leaders, the more QAnon will be casting the deciding vote.


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