CHICKENS HOME TO ROOST: Seattle’s City Council Holds Vote to Defund Police

After Seattle’s “Summer of Love” proved to be any but, the Seattle City Council radically proposed to replace the whole police department with a community-led initiative, a move that portends disaster for the city.

The “community-led” system would mainly focus on “housing, food security, and other basic needs.” It would also employ social service workers and require anyone working under this new system to “live in the community they service,” according to advocates of the proposal.

In a decision revealing the growing chasm between the Seattle City Council and the Mayor Jenny Durkand and Police Chief Carmen Best, the City Council voted unanimously in support of police budget proposals that would lay off 100 police officers. The mayor and the police chief oppose the measure.

The council argues in the proposal that police in the city perpetuate “racism and violence” and uphold “white supremacy.”

In a Twitter thread, Christopher F. Rufo, director of Discovery Institute’s Center on Wealth and Poverty, outlines the council’s support of defunding the police department, decriminalizing Seattle, and redistributing public land.

Included in the proposal that was criticized by Durkan and Best is ending the removal of homeless people from Seattle’s streets, as well as salary cuts for police leadership.

“We don’t want to lay off our newest recruits and new officers … They are our most diverse class ever, and they are so committed to reform and community policing,” Durkan said. “The youngest officers would be the first to go. Those 100 cuts the council wants to do this year would gut this new class of those new recruits.

Police Chief Best also objected, calling it a reckless move that will make the city less safe.

“The push from Council and some of our community is to do these large-scale changes in 2020 with no practical plan for community safety, and I believe wholeheartedly that that is completely reckless,” Best said. “That is something that will invariably happen—there will be a gap in services.”

Wednesday’s vote on the proposal to cut the police department budget by 50 percent did not pass, postponing the inevitable. The final vote on all budget amendments will take place Monday.

Anti-police protests in Seattle turned violent this summer as rioters took over several city blocks and established a lawless, autonomous zone. Skyrocketing crime and the prospect of federal intervention finally brought the stand-off to an end.

Mayor Durkand’s chickens came home to roost when Antifa and Black Lives Matter showed up at her doorstep. Perhaps that had something to do with it.


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