CHINA FAIL: Chinese Mail Packages Full of Biden Votes Found in Atlanta Poll Station

Evidence of election fraud was in the spotlight on Thursday, as images of a polling station in Atlanta, GA, showed poll workers opening envelopes from China’s SF Express, which does not pick up in the U.S., according to Chinese dissident news site GNEWS and images of the polling site.

GNEWS said the screw up was evidence that the Biden team was frazzled and did not take the proper care to switch its fraudulent ballots out of the Chinese envelope before submitting them to be counted.

The revelation fits into the sting being plotted by U.S. President Donald J. Trump, who refused give into the defeatist pressure yesterday. In Georgia, the president was in the lead by 50,000 votes out of nearly 5 million cast, but the scope of “extra” ballots tacked onto the final count could easily flip the verdict.


Close watchers of the race believe the fake ballots will also be exposed by missing official watermarks, the National Guard activated in those states where governors were mostly to be cheating for the Biden campaign, and an Executive Order to fully sanction any country that meddles in an American vote.

More tales of the corruptniks getting were revealed, as whistleblower site Project Veritas exposed a USPS supervisor who told underlings to back date incoming votes to election day for them to be counted in Michigan.


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    • They were never “Hacked” the changes in the vote are in the software itself, that software is used in 30 states including ALL of the major swing states. The name of the software is Dominion.

    • The server for 29 states is found in none other than Germany
      Named something like sitly* can’t real remember proper name however this was discovered by a Texas Marshall and he showed it happen on live TV CNN fake news


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