CHINA VS. INDIA: CCP’s Fire-Breathing Dragon Exposed As Paper Tiger

China’s military might comes from financial holdings that give China the illusion of being a military superpower, but corruption in its ranks tells a different story on the world stage. Other than killing its own citizens, China has had no combat experience on the battlefield in more than 40 years.

In 1979, China invaded Vietnam, forcing the Vietnamese to respond to Chinese aggression. Vietnam’s battlefield experience in its own civil war enabled them to send the Chinese packing in three weeks. China has known no battlefield experience since.

Recent clashes with India find China at a disadvantage as the U.S. Military is backing India in its eight-week standoff with China in territorial disputes in the South China Sea and the East China Sea, according to White House Chief of Staff Mark Meadows.

Former Chinese military official Jianli Yang has alleged that more than 100 People’s Liberation Army (PLA) soldiers died in the violent face-off, but China is reluctant to reveal its casualty count due to fears of a revolt within the Chinese Communist Party (CCP).

Rumors of Chinese corruption are so widespread that many believe that China’s military prowess is bolstered by fake weapons and an army that is psychologically ill-equipped to handle real combat situations. China might have impressive troop numbers, but these troops lack the mindset to go the distance in the art of war.

The PLA by definition is not a professional fighting force; it is the armed wing of the Chinese Communist Party. All career officers in the PLA are members of the CCP and all units at the company level and above have political officers assigned to enforce party control.

China’s young fighting soldiers are forces who spring from China’s 30-year one-child policy that has spawned a generation raised in a “culture of fear” and “to die” is not an option, according to an Indian Report.

Every aggressive act that China makes, whether financially or militarily, is based on politics. All important decisions in the PLA are made by Communist Party committees that are dominated by political officials, not by military officers.

The army of the party is building a reputation as one of the weakest, full of self-doubt, fearful of any real war, unsure about its own weaponry and rotten by corruption on today’s world stage.

President Donald J. Trump has even stepped up verbal attacks on China after months of trying to reach a trade deal with Beijing to level the playing field with the sale of farm products from U.S. agricultural states.

The President and his aides now seem convinced that China deliberately exported the coronavirus to undermine the US and world economies even as it initiated a border conflict with India.

China is facing a situation with a large military slowly advancing in technology but lacking any real combat experience; America’s entrenchment in war is its greatest strength against Red China.



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