Cities Burning Across the Country, Patriots Screaming Soros False Flag

Patriots online are connecting the dots of another potential false flag operation, as the coordinated burning of American cities overnight, in Minneapolis, Columbus, Louisville, Las Vegas, Los Angeles, and New York, seemed designed to incite a race war by spreading violence across America.

While corporate media paints a picture of an unarmed black man murdered in cold blood by a cruel white cop with his knee on his neck, leading to mass riots, violence and looting across the country, none of the details hold up to scrutiny.


The bigger picture is that as the counter narratives to America’s success fall away — the Russia hoax, Mueller investigation, Migrant Caravan, Ukraine investigation, Corona Virus pandemic and the economic shutdown — inciting a race war was the inevitable card that would be played on American citizens.

Finally, in 2020, enough Patriots are online, where the “hive mind” of cross examined data can’t paint a fuller picture than any of the manufactured narratives that have dominated “news gathering” for the past hundred years.

Minneapolis came after a week of mini race-baiting false flags — the black nurse beating a white man in a nursing home, the white woman calling police on a black man in Central Park, the Joe Biden gaffe on the Breakfast Club talk show.

The mob violence and the cheering of the protesters belie the close-up footage of masked white men destroying black neighborhoods, organized bands systematically breaking windows and torching stores.

The riots carry the same details as other events staged by master puppeteer George Soros, who, in funding Black Lives Matter, and all of its corollary organizations, elevates what seem to be civil unrest into organized crime. In the group ANTIFA, finally designated as a domestic terrorist organization, Soros has his own brownshirts.


The same ads for crisis actors and protesters proliferated for Memorial Day weekend, just as they had at the very beginning of the Trump presidency, when buses were leased to bring protesters to his Fifth Avenue office in New York City. This is just a drill.


The aim is to incite anger in the sheep watching at home, but the planning, execution and ultimate mistakes being made are what gives this up as a coordinated operation.

The case study of how he works was revealed by a hack into his Open Society, where documents showed that every NGO poised against the government of Israel was funded directly by sources; in other words, via these straw men organizations, one man, a foreigner, was opposing the will of a nation. (See the final two pages.)


Here, the spark that ignited the hundreds of millions of dollars of damage on Thursday night was the murder of George Floyd, a 46-year old rapper and neighborhood preacher from Houston, living in Minneapolis as a nightclub bouncer.

But upon close inspection, the staged evidence reveals more than it was meant to confirm.

First, the truth in law enforcement that when cops see a citizen filming, they get out of the way or force that citizen to shut his camera. Rarely — in fact, never — are they ever seen breaking their own rules so blatantly.

Here, a 10-minute video, complete with color reporting and commentary was filmed and uploaded.

Lawyer and Twitter regular Jared Beck said that is impossible — when the footage is so blatant, it is removed by our social media minders.


The video, itself, has a major discontinuity issue. The original arrest is by two patrolmen in car 860, where George Floyd is calmly escorted into the vehicle, as seen in a store’s camera.

The “now official” version shows two different cops, not in the car, but already on the street, where George us under a cop’s knee, in front of car 320, not 860. The original cops are gone. Meanwhile, the two in the video have different badges, only one of those is correct for Minneapolis.

While Floyd addresses the police crushing his windpipe as “Officer,” the two men knew each other by name, they worked together for years at a local club, a Latin-themed nightclub El Nuevo Rodeo owned by the proprietor of the local La Raza radio station. She had just sold the venue.

She said Officer Chauvin worked there for 17 years at the door, while George had worked there for five years, inside the venue.

Minneapolis City Councilwoman Andrea Jenkins tells us the same on local TV news.

Another fact that looks to be part of the background behind this operation, Officer Chauvin has ten complaints in his file, but was never punished. Who gave him the pass was Sen. Amy Klobuchar as the Hennepin County attorney, in charge of prosecution for Minneapolis.

But what is most unsettling here, the same man is photographed in Minneapolis, but also in Boston, at the scene of the Boston Marathon Bombing.

So, the evidence holds Chauvin was actually a police officer, also a nightclub bouncer, also a deep state operative, also, according to his neighbors, a real estate agent, or all of it at once?

When the term “false flag” is used it does not mean that, in this case, a man was killed or not killed. It means that the narrative implied by what’s happening and the coverage is not right.

The patriotic frogs croaking on 4chan paint an even darker narrative. Beyond just orchestrating this all as a ploy to capture national attention, the op could have a double purpose.

Anonymous (ID: 3sl2JFyy) 05/29/20(Fri)09:25:02 No.259315359

The 3rd precinct is a corrupt department that is involved in some kind of illegal activity like drug dealing or human trafficking, and Derek Chauvins employment as a bouncer was really about protecting a business that is engaged in illicit activity (like comet ping pong, perhaps?). George Floyd knew too much and that was why he was killed and why he irrationally struggled to escape even though he had handcuffs on. He knew if they took him to the precinct he was going to die.

Anonymous (ID: bKQWbE9E) 05/29/20(Fri)08:42:50 No.259310285▶
That’s the evidence they had to destroy. Pending case by Internal Affairs into the police commissioner. Target gets destroyed in riot cuz Muh milk. Evidence in their labs also destroyed. Makes you think, frens

The takeaway should be that Minneapolis is the latest in a series of strategic false flags, stretching back decades, orchestrated by Soros and those who came before him, creating racial tension and covering up even more nefarious activities in order to divide Americans so that we are easier to deceive and faster to conquer.

Soros, Antifa, his other organizations push a twisted mindset and false narratives to break our nation and mask their nefarious intentions.

Patriots, online and IRL, stand united.

Regardless of social class, racial differences or religious preferences, united we stand, divided we fall.

America stands firm.

Rather than racial division, the truth of Minneapolis is in this 2014 photo of the National Guard, since rolled out to defend the city, here recruiting young soldiers of all colors, including many of Somali origin, demonstrating what it would be like to serve their country.


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