Compassionate POTUS Trump Resumes Corona Virus Daily Briefings

WASHINGTON, DC – JULY 21: U.S. President Donald Trump talks to holds up his face mask during a press conference in the Brady Press Briefing Room at the White House July 21, 2020 in Washington, DC. Trump focused on his administration’s handling of the global corona virus pandemic. Poll numbers about his handling of COVID-19 have been falling as cases of deadly virus have spiked across the country. (Photo by Chip Somodevilla/Getty Images)

U.S. President Donald J. Trump returned to the podium yesterday with his daily press briefings as America’s President. speaking for about 20 minutes and presenting himself in a more compassionate, less aggressive tone than in previous briefings.

The usually stoic or glib Trump came across with concern for the lives lost from the pandemic including from the disease itself and also from the effects of the lockdowns, such as suicides, increases in addiction overdoses and alcoholism.

“As one family, we mourn every precious life that’s been lost. I pledge in their honor that we will develop a vaccine and we will defeat the virus,” said Trump.

“My administration will stop at nothing to save lives and shield the vulnerable, which is so important. We’ve learned so much about this disease. And we know who the vulnerable are, and we are going to indeed shield them.”, Trump continued.

The President also spoke about a straight-forward line of objectives that he and his administration were implementing to decrease the effects of the ‘China Virus’ and improve the safe return to schools and the workplace in order to move the country back toward a more normal state of reality.

Trump said, “My team is also working night and day with Capitol Hill to advance the next economic relief package. We’re working very hard on it. We’ll call it ‘phase four’. We’ll protect our workers, our schools, and our families, and protect them very strongly.”

Trump was cautious with his words and demeanor, mentioning that the disease may get worse before it gets better.

President Trump was realistic with his choice of words as he stated that, “The China virus is a vicious and dangerous illness, but we’ve learned a great deal about it and who it targets. We are in the process of developing a strategy that’s going to be very, very powerful. We’ve developed them as we go along. Some areas of our country are doing very well; others are doing less well. It will probably, unfortunately, get worse before it gets better — something I don’t like saying about things, but that’s the way it is.”

Some critics of the president have claimed that he has sugar-coated the virus’ effects or has not been straight-forward with the public in the past. The change in tone and content of the briefing last night may have been the result of some adjustment toward that criticism.

Trump was quick to remind the public that he is and has been working directly with Governors and has provided them with everything they have needed throughout the pandemic.

He also provided factual data about the virus with regard to who it affected the most and the high rate of deaths among the elderly in nursing homes and with people with underlying conditions and the fact that children have the lowest fatality risk.

He then threw reporters for a loop when he changed his tune and recommended wearing masks whenever possible to help slow down the spread amid the rising number of cases.

He mentioned that he was getting more comfortable wearing masks as he pulled one out of his pocket to show the reporters and those watching on TV.

How will the left and mainstream media react now that Trump has declared to the public that mask wearing is acceptable and will help stop the disease? Maybe they will insist that masks are useless?

“America’s youth will act responsibly, and we’re asking everybody that when you are not able to socially distance, wear a mask, get a mask. Whether you like the mask or not, they have an impact. They’ll have an effect. And we need everything we can get.”, Trump said.

President Trump spoke about the successes of the administrations’ progress toward defeating the virus with the help of the doctors, specialists, drug manufacturer’s and others in comparison to other countries and also mentioned that the United States is instrumental in helping other countries worldwide with their abilities to defeat the virus as well.

“Our case fatality rate has continued to decline and is lower than the European Union and almost everywhere else in the world. If you watch American television, you’d think that the United States was the only country involved with and suffering from the China virus. Well, the world is suffering very badly. But the fact is that many countries are suffering very, very, very badly, and they’ve been suffering from this virus for a long time.”, Trump said.

‘We’ve done much better than most. And with the fatality rate at a lower rate than most, it’s something that we can talk about, but we’re working, again, with them because we’re helping a lot of countries that people don’t even know about.’, Trump continued.

President Trump concluded with a bit of realistic optimism by stating facts once again, “In April, the average age of individuals who tested positive for the virus was over 50 years old. Today, the average age is significantly younger. Hospital lengths of stay are almost half of what they were in April. So the stays are about half. The rate of cases requiring hospitalization has been reduced. And mortality among those admitted to the hospital is nearly one half of what it was in April.

He stated that the administration is working to reduce turnaround time on testing so more people can be tested with quicker results which will help to reduce the spread as well.

The president mentioned that governors have everything they need including enough bed capacity, testing equipment and they will have access to anything they need from him.

He also expressed concern for all Americans and wanted to ensure they have access to all available medical treatments they need.

“Ultimately, our goal is not merely to manage the pandemic but to end it. We want to get rid of it as soon as we can. That is why getting a vaccine remains a top priority,” President Trump said.

Before opening up the briefing for questions from the press, he mentioned the fact that two vaccine candidates are on the verge of entering the final stage of clinical trials this month and that four other vaccines will enter final trials in the following weeks. The U.S. will mass produce all of the top candidates so that the first approved vaccine will be available immediately, he said.



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