COVID911 – Insurgency: A Nation’s ‘Self-Destructive Compliance’

A viral video, COVID911 – Insurgency by JoeM, has taken the world by storm, as in what’s upon us, so much that it has already garnered a viewer discretion disclaimer by YouTube.

The video explains how the Deep State has lulled America into a false sense of security and “self-destructive compliance.” Many who have kept up with Deep State ops know that the COVID-19 pandemic is one of the biggest hoaxes that America has fallen for.

The Deep State has divided the nation along racial, religious, gender, and political lines because they know that as President Abraham Lincoln said, “A house divided against itself cannot stand.”

But now, America is waking up to the Deep State’s decades of corruption and theft of taxpayer monies, which has left the nation morally and monetarily bankrupt.

What many have known for years, more and more are seeing now is the fact that the American people have been under attack and subjugation by the Deep State. This exposure of Swamp corruption is revealing many ugly truths that most Americans have believed to be inconceivable. Seeing is believing.

For many, their Great Awakening is tied to having seen one of JoeM’s YouTube videos which have 13 million views worldwide. The keyboard warrior feels that “humans do not naturally exist in a state of conflict. They become so when deliberately set against each other by the evil few that seek to control us all.”

His first YouTube video, How America Was Almost Destroyed By Criminals, was posted two years ago and has since been viewed more than a million times, in its current uploading.

Originally, on Twitter, with more than 200,000 followers, once his account was banned, he moved to other platforms as well as reincarnating under a different moniker on the blue bird.

Not until Donald J. Trump was elected president in 2016 and the continued attempts to push him from office that followed, did people begin to realize how wide-spread the corruption in our government is at the highest levels. As the corruption grew in every state at every level, America has slowly been waking to how close we have actually come to losing the America we all know and love.

Behind the scenes, COVID-19 has provided cover for those being scrutinized by U.S. Attorney William Barr in the [John] Durham investigation of the Russia probe. What is being revealed is the Obama Administration’s weaponization of the Foreign Investigations Surveillance Court (FISA) to spy on then-candidate Trump during his campaign and transition to power.

JoeM details how in 2015, Barack Obama gave a $3-million-dollar-plus grant given through the NIH that made its way to the Wuhan Lab in China where the disease just so happens to have originated. Locking down the nation and destroying a robust economy during an election year by releasing the virus was a planned maneuver. It is no coincidence that the “pandemic” struck one day after the Deep State’s impeachment hoax fell apart.

Aided and abetted by a corrupt corporate news media, Democratic-controlled states have initiated the harshest lock down restrictions in the country and the populace still suffers to this day. New restrictions have been placed for the upcoming Fourth of July weekend to keep people from celebrating America’s independence.

The nine-minute video points out that Trump’s rallies, which broke records in attendance, were curtailed while Sleepy Joe Biden hides in his basement behind the veil of COVID-19 lock down and does not have to face the public with his inability to lead the country, nor face charges for his abuses of power in the Ukraine scandal.

States have taken advantage of emergency funds being offered for coronavirus diagnoses and deaths while the COVID-19 case numbers are being skewed by those in charge. Normal influenza deaths were counted as coronavirus deaths, largely inflating the numbers needed to instigate a nationwide lock down.

Emerging on the heels of lock down orders is the push for voting by mail – whatever fraud it takes for the Democrats to take back their power that was taken away by the American people. When the COVID death numbers did not rise fast enough, Democratic state governors ordered COVID-19 patients to be moved into nursing homes among the most vulnerable to the virus. Field hospitals and medical ships provided by the federal government to treat these patients remained empty and were dismantled without having treated one patient.

Five Democratic state governors, Cuomo (NY), Wolf (PA), Whitmer (MI), Murphy (NJ), and Newsom (CA) forced COVID-infected patients into nursing homes. These states account for nearly half of COVID-19 deaths in nursing homes. This genocide of the elderly in blue states cost the lives of 50,000 people and drove the numbers up, instilling terror in an already fearful populace.

When the nation complied and the curve was flattened, the next phase of the Deep State plan to take back power was initiated with the questionable death of George Floyd in Minneapolis. The next goal of the insurgency was to inflame the public to the point of civil unrest along racial lines.

George Soros-funded Antifa and Black Lives Matter were used as social weapons against citizens for perceived social injustices. The Left’s plan to divide and conquer worked. Rioting and looting were acceptable forms of social interaction, but going to church was forbidden.

Antifa and Black Lives Matter anarchists were given free reign by Democratic elected officials to destroy businesses and attack innocent citizens. Many deaths have occurred because of the Left’s inherent desire to destabilize society. The lawless chaos furthered their aims.

On June 22nd, Adam Schiff proposed a House bill that would amend Title 18 to restrict the use of military force in the event of civil unrest. This is yet another step in the plan to weaken President Trump’s ability to protect the nation’s citizens in the weeks leading up to November’s election.

Evidence is emerging that Barack Obama and Joe Biden himself have been implicated in machinations to frame General Michael Flynn. Social distancing guidelines are being used to halt grand juries and to allow major players to defy court-ordered subpoenas.

President Trump said that 2020 was not just another four-year election. We now know that we’re in the fight for our lives. Trump was right. In the death throes of the Democrats’ last-ditch effort to hold onto power, they are not coming after him; they’re coming after us.


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