CURFEWS: To Limit Collateral Damage in the Battle to End ANTIFA

Curfews are being established to limit collateral damage for the mass population with the intent of protecting innocent lives. This goes beyond the overnight rioters, but to the larger defensive footing being set up across America.

Now that the country has been opening back up after several months of lockdown to ‘flatten the curve’ during the pandemic, there has been another push by the corporate media to instill more panic and fear.

The big way to judge the media is how it embraces ANTIFA.

Is there a narrative to support violence, looting and riots, over and beyond the right for peaceful protest, and to denigrate the job of the police, trying to restore order and protect all the innocent victims from being harmed?

In America, we’re paying these cops to do their jobs, even if there are bad apples who used excessive force in cases that triggered these protests. But, in no way, are we the people paying rioters to riot — in what world does taking a crowbar to a storefront to loot merchandise to later sell for cash on eBay ever make sense or is justified?

This is where the curfews come in.

During a war, there can be casualties involving innocent people and the destruction of property. These casualties of war are always taken into consideration when forming a strategy to defend from or attack an enemy and attempts are made to minimize them as much as possible.

Similarly, the lockdowns during the first month of the pandemic were designed partially as a guise to protect the general population from both the disease itself and the ‘hidden enemy’.

ANTIFA, much like all of the other weapons and strategies that the Deep State employs are a tool used to push a story and separate the left from the right, the African-American citizens from the caucasian ones and use emotionally charged video and headlines to tell a story, but not the story.

The corporate media is pushing the same narrative on every station. The talking points seem to be pre-packaged versions of the same story. Verify this for yourself. Go to their websites and view videos of the same story and listen to how similar the narrative is.

There are only six corporations that own all of the media whether print, television or radio. This fact makes the story easier to control and easier to manipulate the audience into believing whatever narrative they’d like to push.

U.S. President Donald J.Trump activated a National State of Emergency and the War Powers Act. These two measures alone give him the power to protect citizens from all enemies foreign and domestic. He also activated the National Guard, Army Reservists and recalled many recently exited military personnel.

The top image, taken by U.S. Air National Guard Staff Sgt. Matthew Matlock, is from the 188th Wing Battalion at Little Rock Air Force Base, in Arkansas. Arkansas National Guard and Arkansas State Police members participated in a training exercise as part of Operation Phalanx, a year ago. The operation was a joint exercise hosted by the Arkansas National Guard for civil and military organizations to train their members in tactics and techniques used in responding to a civil disturbance.

The rest of the images here were taken by soldiers in conflicts abroad, to give an idea of the devastation that’s been reeked around the world, and from which we have been saved, until violence from within came to our shores, and our streets.

In a warzone, military vehicles, tanks, Armored Personnel Carriers with guns attached to the roof and troops numbering in the hundreds or thousands, in full battle dress uniforms, will line the streets of the city in a domestic war against an enemy hell bent on causing harm and terror on citizens.

Buildings are reduced to rubble and oftentimes, still decaying and crumbling when the actual fighting stops. Neighborhoods will burn.

Dead bodies lay in the streets.

Smells of war that are potent reminders of what is happening all around and the smells never seem to go away once the war is over. The smell of burning structures, vehicles and flesh can linger for miles.

It has been said often, war is hell — and it is.

The media seems to be denying or sometimes even supporting the rioters and not the peaceful protesters. The actual cause of the protesters has been lost to the sensational narrative of fear and terror by these rioters led by ANTIFA.

That is terror through propaganda or fake news as Trump likes to say and he’s right.

President Trump is fighting back to keep American citizens as safe as possible.He’s also stepped in where local governors failed to help their citizens. These incidents occurred mostly in Democratic run cities and states.

The President is fighting domestic terrorism with ANTIFA and similar groups who are trying to cause physical harm and destruction on American citizens.


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Nationwide Street Violence Against Cops, AG Barr: ‘Anarchistic, Far-Left Extremists, Using Antifa-Like Tactics’

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Nationwide Street Violence Against Cops, AG Barr: ‘Anarchistic, Far-Left Extremists, Using Antifa-Like Tactics’


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