Current Level of Anarchy Not Seen Since Sacco and Vanzetti

Communists have been successful in rewriting American history for more than a century, according to columnist Jack Cashill in The American Thinker.

The chaos and destruction and erasing of our history by Antifa and Black Lives Matter anarchists on the trigger of the George Floyd protests, is actually old hat — like 99 years old.

The last time ‘round it was the 1921 trial and conviction of Nicola Sacco and Bartolomeo Vanzetti for the murders of Alessandro Berardelli and Frederick Parmenter, who were shot to death in a payroll robbery in Braintree, Mass.

The trial was used to spark the same, organized public outrage, despite the fact the two were anarchists and the evidence against them was overwhelming. The point is the Communist narrative seized on the event to exploit the masses to further its own agenda.

“Spontaneous” protests broke out worldwide, just as these same “spontaneous” protests erupted in American cities following the questionable death of George Floyd.

Protesters donated hundreds of thousands of dollars to the defense of the Italian immigrant anarchists, but very little of it was used to fund their defense. History repeats itself as Black Lives Matter and Antifa protesters donate millions of dollars via GoFundMe, the monies being funneled back to Democratic coffers through bundling entities, such as ActBlue.

For 100 years, Communists and Socialists have focused their efforts on the defamation and destruction of America — how they changed the narrative of the facts surrounding the Sacco and Vanzetti trial was imperative for Communism to prevail. (Today is so last century!)

As the August 1927 execution date approached, the Comintern, Soviet Press, dispersed material declaring the pair’s innocence throughout the world. Protest movements swelled in major American cities and European capitals inciting violence against anything that was American. Military force was used in Paris to reign in the destruction.

In October 1927, H.G. Wells wrote an essay that discussed the case at length. He called it “a case like the by which the soul of a people is tested and displayed.” He felt that Americans failed to understand what about the case roused European opinion.

“The guilt or innocence of these two Italians is not the issue that has excited the opinion of the world,” Wells wrote. “Possibly they were actual murderers, and still more possibly they knew more than they would admit about the crime. … Europe is not “retrying” Sacco and Vanzetti or anything of the sort. It is saying what it thinks of Judge Thayer. Executing political opponents as political opponents after the fashion of Mussolini and Moscow we can understand, or bandits as bandits; but this business of trying and executing murderers as Reds, or Reds as murderers, seems to be a new and very frightening line for the courts of a State in the most powerful and civilized Union on earth to pursue.”

Even though Sacco and Vanzetti had been executed, the Comintern’s job was not to save them. Its aim was to further its agenda to increase its power. And that is being seen today with the modern-day outrage of the racial implications of the George Floyd incident. If Floyd had been white, American would have never heard of George Floyd.

To this day, the United States still draws citizens from all over the world who seek freedom and a better quality of life. However, America is no longer the melting pot of opportunity to American Socialists. It is the global center for xenophobic injustice.

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