OPINION: Cynical Public Questions the Narrative in Judge Attack

A growing trend of cynicism by the American public is splashed across social media whenever the alleged gunman of an attack “commits suicide” with little supporting evidence and loose ends left dangling in the wind, not to mention the gun being found “nearby.”

The public’s distrust of today’s mainstream media is what adds fuel to the inferno of false flags and pushing public narratives. Americans are so desensitized to murder and resulting cover ups that they don’t believe a narrative that is looped by talking heads parroting identical talking points. Digital detectives have learned to search out facts, or the lack thereof, so that the truth will be known.

This is reminiscent of the 2017 Las Vegas, N.V. mass shooting, where contradictory evidence dictated the FBI’s account of the incident but left many questions that the FBI refuses to answer. The matter has yet to be explained to the public’s satisfaction.

Such is the case with the discovery of the body of Roy Den Hollander, 72, a men’s rights attorney and alleged shooter in the attack at the home of U.S. District Judge Esther Salas in New Brunswick, N.J. Her son was killed and her husband is fighting for his life, according to New York authorities.

Speculation runs rampant as to the intended target, as well as the motive for the crime. The gunman, dressed as a FedEx delivery driver, rang the bell at the judge’s home and opened fire when the door was opened. Astute keyboard warriors have raised speculation that the New Jersey shooting and the murder of a California men’s rights attorney earlier this month in the same manner, might be connected—and now this speculation has gone mainstream, according to CBSLA.

On July 11, 2020, 52-year-old Marc Angelucci was shot and killed at his Crestline home, according to the San Bernardino [Calif.] County Sheriff’s Department. Angelucci’s killer was also dressed as a FedEx delivery man. The SBCSD has not named a suspect, but recognized the modus operandi and has turned its case over to the New Jersey FBI.

The similarities between the cases are unmistakable, such as the killer wearing a FedEx uniform, knocking on the doors, and then opening fire. Both attorneys worked on men’s rights cases, including opening up the military draft to women. The Daily Beast reports that Den Hollander had Angelucci’s name is his car when he was found dead of apparent suicide.

The FBI Monday contacted New York State’s chief judge, Janet DiFiore, to notify her that Den Hollander had her name and photo in his car, her spokesman, Lucian Chalfen, confirmed.

In a self-published book, Den Hollander wrote, “A group of men’s rights activists in California, with whom I had been in contact for years, filed a lawsuit on behalf of a young man claiming that draft registration discriminated against him and other guys 18 to 25 years old by not requiring females to register.”

Media outlets are connecting the two men’s right attorneys and Hollander is being painted as a deranged killer, disgruntled attorney, or a garden-variety nut job. Yet, Hollander is not around to defend himself. The public has only media reports to deliver the facts.

The deceased suspect connected to the shooting of federal judge Esther Salas’ son and husband was a lawyer who had a case before Salas in 2015, according to ABC News. While it can be acknowledged that revenge is a dish that is best served cold, Hollander can be viewed as an evil, calculating genius, plotting, planning and carrying out his crimes … or he is a convenient patsy, another statistic of collateral damage.

To date, both attorneys have been characterized as members of the Little Rascals “He-man Woman-haters Club.” So what is the truth? It might be the crime, the cover up or the need to change the narrative so that the sheeple will “look over here, not over there” as nefarious machinations are unfolding, unbeknownst to a sleeping populace.

But, thankfully, in our modern times, the media industrial complex no longer has the monopoly over all minds; those who are free thinkers, today’s keyboard warriors, are able to change the narrative. It is time for the truth.


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