DEBATE 1: Trump Works It Like A Boss; Wallace Is Cross; Biden At A Loss

Many Americans are disenfranchised following what was supposed to reveal the stark differences in the presidential candidates’ platforms during the first of the 2020 presidential debates in Cleveland, Ohio.

While Chris Wallace was supposed to moderate the debate, it soon became clear to viewers that he was a willing participant. From the first question concerning the Supreme Court, President Donald J. Trump held his ground, debating two people at once.

The general consensus is that the President won this debate, scoring point after point, despite having to debate Chris Wallace, as well as Joe Biden.


Chris Wallace interrupted the President 76 times, while interrupting the former Vice President 15 times. Several times, Wallace engaged in commentary with the President, backing up Joe Biden’s responses.

While Wallace admonished the President for interruptions, he said nothing when Biden repeatedly insulted the President, calling him “a liar” and “a clown.”

But Biden was taken aback when Trump lobbed an accusation of Biden using the Logan Act against Gen. Michael Flynn, saying, “We’ve got it all on tape.”


Americans were shocked, but not surprised, that Chris Wallace allowed Biden to complete his remarks, but when Biden leveled charges against President Trump, Wallace gave him no time for rebuttal.

Americans are unaccustomed to seeing a Republican push back against disinformation from their opponents; and three people talking at once made it difficult to follow what was being said.

In the healthcare debate, Trump maneuvered Biden into going on the record denouncing government-run healthcare. Fox contributor Dan Bongino praised Trump’s strategy, calling him “an apex predator; the lion king; a shark in the ocean and he acted like it.”

Despite interruptions from Trump, Biden still could not name one law enforcement group that supported him. The President also scored points when Biden’s coronavirus numbers were skewed.

At times, Biden seemed lucid and coherent. At others, he looked down as though waiting for a response. Biden’s body language prompted viewers to look closely for any signs of a wire, and many instances of the former Vice President being wired became evident. And there it is.



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