MEMEWARS: DHS Chief Wolf Rips Twitter for Censorship

Acting Secretary of DHS Chad Wolf ripped Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey for shutting down an official Customs & Border Enforcement account reporting on the wall with Mexico only hours after the social media kingpin testified to a Senate Committee that there was no such thing as censorship by his company.

He also called out Dorsey for pretending that Twitter’s appeals process resolved the issue; rather, it was just the bad publicity after the appeals process only confirmed the suspension of CBP director Mark Morgan.

The offensive tweet that Twitter’s goons reported as harassment or promotion of violence include this trigger-filled line about the border wall: “Every mile helps us stop gang members, murderers, sexual predators, and drugs from entering our country.”

Wow, controversial stuff, and compared to tweets promoting the decapitation of the U.s. president that stream by unabated, hundreds or thousands of times per day, indeed, Dorsey showed the world how undeserving the company is to benefit from the Section 230 of the Communications Act loophole that has allowed it to pretend to be a neutral platform when it censors like a publisher that owns the content.

That the tweet in question came hours after Senator Cruz had to lay into Dorsey for shutting out the New York Post from its own account for nearly two weeks in the run up to a presidential election for an article exposing the filthy underbelly of the Democratic candidate former VP Joe Biden, to whom candidacy Twitter executives donated nearly exclusively.

Dorsey denied the Post was shut out; only hours after his testimony was it freed. Then, in his wisdom, he decided to take on DHS.

It was probably Dorsey’s last hurrah — those following closely know that the degenerates have long used private group chats on Twitter for exchanging forbidden images and organizing their crimes.

It won’t be long now: free the blue bird, end the censorship, restore civil rights and freedom of expression to all Americans, regardless of color, creed or political party. Yes, even for people who support the elected president of this country, how weird is that?



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