DOCTOR’S ORDERS: POTUS Trump to Walter Reed, First Lady Quarantines in White House

After the White House on Friday released a doctor’s note that U.S. President Donald J. Trump and First Lady Melania would be confined there on quarantine for a mild case of Corona Virus, the President flew by helicopter to Walter Reed Medical Center to work from their Presidential Suite of rooms in Ward 71 for the next several days.

Before catching the whirlybird, President Trump spoke to America in a video clip:

Published photos of the Presidential Suite, one of six special patient rooms reserved for high-ranking military officers and members of the White House cabinet, give the impression there will be enough room for President Trump to hold court, especially with the others diagnosed with the disease.


The “presidential outbreak” began with White House Communications Advisor Hope Hicks, the President and the First Lady, and also Kelly Ann Conway.

The reaction to the news has been stark. On one side, #MAGA and #Trump2020 supporters were struck with panic and also surety that it will be fine, and the #LockHerUp fans noted that TOGETHER could also be read TO GET HER.

Meanwhile, the #BidenHarris camp on the left drooled venom over their long fangs.

Larry Elders asked, “President Woodrow Wilson contracted the Spanish Flu. Did his republican opponents cheer the news and root for him to die?”

With this diagnosis a month out from the election, while it seems high drama, an alternative scenario could have been far worse.

For example: if the Deep State declared President Trump and his entourage had it in the final week before the polls, and his team left scrambling to do damage control from the hospital suite. In other words, they stole the plan from the other side’s playbook, declared the first two week of October his respite, and then full speed ahead for the final minutes of the game.

This plays into the fact many doubt he even has it because of the six months of therapeutics and the disease is far less contagious now than when it was first hatched in the lab. It could be an opportunity for Trump to tell the world, from a first person experience, that his own treatment of HCQ and Zinc cured it.

Others have asked if Walter Reed’s Presidential Suite, and the accompanying phalanx of Trump’s personal praetorian guard and Secret Service agents that must have come with him, would insulate him for the big arrests everyone has been holding their breath for this whole time.

With DNI John Ratcliffe’s presentation to Senator Lindsey Graham’s Intelligence Committee, the point is that the Spygate case is now closed — it’s just up to Graham and the Republican Senate majority to pull the trigger.


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