DON’T GO OUT TO VOTE: NASA Predicts Asteroids for Day Before Election

Cue the Aerosmith soundtrack! Just like in the movie Armageddon, NASA scientists and some apocalyptic rabbis are predicting that an asteroid will hit Earth the day before the election. How convenient.

The ironic part of this is that this claim was suggested on a ‘calendar of events’ put out in the intelligence community a few months ago as one of a set of events that would conveniently disrupt American life and place everyone into a state of fear until the day after the election.

Yes, only life here in the United States, the rest of the world apparently would be spared from this series of events somehow.

The asteroid 2018VP1 is expected to arrive on November 2 and, according to NASA’s Center for Near-Earth Object Studies (CNEOS), has a .41 % chance of hitting the Earth with three potential impacts, according to CNN.

The reality is that the asteroid is under 7 feet in diameter, which means that it would break up during entry into the Earth’s atmosphere and only small amounts of debris could possibly hit the ground. The noise from impact could possibly be loud enough to shatter a window or two but certainly not an Earth shattering cause for alarm.

In 2019, NASA administrator, Jim Bridenstine, warned an audience at the International Academy of Astronautics’ Planetary Defense Conference, about the possibility of a large meteor crashing into the earth.

Bridenstine referred to an asteroid with a diameter of 66 feet that entered the atmosphere over Chelyabinsk, Russia in 2013 at a speed of over 40,000 mph. The asteroid generated an airburst with about 30 times as much energy as that released from the atomic bomb detonated at Hiroshima.

Bridenstine told the conference that meteors enter the earth’s atmosphere on a regular basis, but those as large as Chelyabinsk only come once every 60 or so years.

If this is fact, then, the reality is that we should be fine for another 60 years.

The news was welcomed in Israel where apocalyptic rabbis and politicians are eagerly waiting for whatever news of the redemption they can find.

Zvi Hauser, the chairman of the Foreign Affairs and Defense Committee, gave an interview with an Israeli television station in which he said that their fear is a meteor that is about to crash on Earth, according to local site Breaking Israel News.

Yuval Ovadia, a filmmaker who has produced films about the signs of the end of times or the next coming of the messiah, shared the same sentiment.

“More and more asteroids are being seen by average people,” Ovadia said. “Of course, governments around the world are aware of this. But they aren’t ready to tell people about the threat of meteors.”

Ovadia explained that Jewish sources describe a star that will appear in the end of days that will wreak havoc but not destroy the world, what many refer to as Nibiru.

Ovadia noted that these celestial phenomena will be accompanied by other catastrophes; earthquakes, plagues, volcanoes, and even disease. This intensive period will spare no one.

“Many of the very wealthy and many of the leaders are preparing bunkers,” Ovadia said. “But how are bunkers effective against a pandemic? They know that Nibiru is coming and this is what they are preparing for. This is why Hauser, the government official in charge of security during the coronavirus, has meteoroids in mind.”

These are interesting times.

The news these days have significant parallels to the Biblical teachings found in Revelations that seem to be occurring simultaneously running up to this particular election period.

Perhaps these are Biblical times and we are witnessing true evil being beaten down by good citizens led by a power greater than ourselves to restore the planet back toward a greater good.

The goals and direction of many in government have been revealed more clearly to be rather sinister and much aligned with the Luciferian based Communist ideology than ever before.

The corruption within our government at the national, state and local levels is being exposed more and more each day. President Trump seems to be the first in a long while to stand up to the corruption and fight for the American citizens while having a team of justices and supporting staff who are aligned with the same objectives to make America great again and restore the power to the people.

A planet where love and compassion will ultimately prevail. Just watch out for falling debris from the skies, until then.


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