DON’T TREAD ON ME: Private Property, Castle Doctrine in St. Louis


A St. Louis, MO, couple stood their ground, brandishing firearms on their foyer to intimidate ‘peaceful protesters’ from encroaching on their lavish residence while en route to harass the Mayor at his home.

In videos uploaded to social media, Mark and Patty McCloskey are armed, Mark with an AR-15, Patty with a handgun, waving their weapons in the direction of the protesters. Some have already claimed this to be the most emblematic image of 2020.

Under Missouri Law, residents can use deadly force to protect the home against ‘intruders’ based on the notion that the home is your ‘castle’. This law is known as the Castle Doctrine or Stand Your Ground Law and many states have some version of it.

The McCloskey home, a restored Busch family estate, sits on a private drive in the Forest Park area which means that the protesters were already breaking the law by trespassing on private property.

The McCloskey’s are personal injury attorneys, who actually represented Isaiah Foreman, a victim of police brutality, in which Mark McCloskey won the civil case for Mr. Foreman. The officer was found negligent. Meanwhile, their law firm’s Yelp page was defaced with dozens of images from them in the standoff.

The protesters were heading to Mayor Lyda Krewson’s home in response to her releasing the names and addresses of protestors looking to defund the police during a Facebook live interview. She had subsequently offered a formal apology for the release but the damage had already been done.

Under Castle Doctrine, the McCloskey’s have every right to defend their home, but to come outside and brandish weapons without intent on firing them is never a good idea against an angry mob.

While the sentiment was good, they also received much deserved criticism for improper handling of the firearms, as they accidentally pointed them at each other, being careless, which is a major tactical error and demonstrates their lack of proper training.

This lack of training suggests that if the mob decided to turn on them for simply brandishing the weapons, the McCloskeys would have been overrun anyway and the situation could have ended more tragically. Luckily for everyone, it did not.

Given the recent events from ‘peaceful protesters’ as portrayed on the mainstream media it’s easy to understand why the McCloskey’s would be scared enough and also want to take a stand against them, but, from a tactical defense point of view, it was an irrational decision.

Castle Doctrine is a good law and needed in times like these and should protect citizens from mob mentality and the insanity of the time, but without proper training and technique, it is worthless and could have actually endangered the couple further.


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