Dr. Fauci’s 12-Step Plan for NWO Enslavement: ‘Now Is The Time To Do What You’re Told’

With the election coverage of the last two weeks, COVID-19 dropped from the front page faster than Bill Clinton’s pants on Little St. James Island. The Left forgot all about COVID restrictions; face masks and social distancing went out the window as they congregated for their collective happy dance while complaining that it wasn’t the “blue wave” that they had hoped for. How could so many people vote for Donald J. Trump?

President Donald J. Trump will not concede and cites massive voter fraud and a rigged election. Now with media silence, conservatives are demanding audits and recounts of not only swing states, but of each state’s election. As the scrutiny zeroes in on Dominion voting machines and fake ballots from China, the narrative is shifting once again back to COVID.

Blue state governors are mandating lockdowns, from four to six weeks this time, and no gatherings at home. No Thanksgiving. No Christmas. No New Year’s Eve celebrations. No fun. Masked Americans sit around staring in zombie-like existence. But, not conservative Americans. They know the hoax of the pandemic. They know what to do.

All that being said, COVID is real, but if anyone feels compromised, they just need to stay home. There is no need to crash local and state economies, such as blue states are now facing. Empty store shelves, high anxiety and loss of employment instill more confidence in an IKEA bookshelf than in our own government.

The narrative changes at the whims of the Dems and the whims of the media. This Deep State plan to make totalitarianism the “new normal” has been machinated and honed for decades and comes to fruition so that now the tail can wag the dog.

There are 12 steps to implementing this plan. Americans have recognized it and have seen it coming.

Step 1: Create A Problem.

The Left has taken an illness with flu-like symptoms that is easily treatable with a 99% successful recovery rate. This illness has common symptoms with season flu, and those with compromised immune systems are the most vulnerable. The cure for COVID has been known for 15 years, but has been withheld from the public to further the Left’s agenda.

Step 2: Instill Fear In The Population.

Use mainstream media outlets to push the false narrative that the virus cannot be cured, people will die, and the government knows what is best. This Leftist MSM propaganda tool will report numerous cases of people with COVID. All other illnesses will disappear, such as no flu this year. They’ll report rising numbers of COVID deaths, whether the people died of COVID or not. The propaganda machine will shut down those asking questions and censor those who know the truth. They will terrorize Americans into giving up their freedoms.

Step 3: Mandate Lockdowns.

The goal of the global elite’s ‘Great Reset’ is to crash the economy through the imposition of lockdowns in every state. This is accomplished in four phases: 1) destroy local business; 2) transfer wealth and power to globalist organizations; 3) increase state debt to international financiers; and 4) remove cash as an option for payment, e.g. a cashless society.

Step 4: Exaggerate COVID Case Numbers.

The propaganda arm of the Democratic Party will report exaggerated numbers of new COVID cases daily. Hospitals, clinics, and testing facilities will inflate their reported numbers to make the virus seem worse than it is, in effect, elevating it to the level of a pandemic. Unreliable PCR tests will skew the number of cases among healthy or asymptomatic people. Scientists will be bribed with grants and doctors will be bribed with bonus payments to push mass testing and vaccinations on the populace.

Step 5: Mandate The Wearing Of Face Masks.

Elected local and state officials will mandate that all citizens must wear a face mask. Mask mandates are all about the control of an entire population. This measure is to promote fear among the public and to ensure public compliance. Masks don’t work and their prolonged usage increases public health risks of fungal infections, bronchial pneumonia, and gum disease from inhaling expelled carbon dioxide, depriving the body of much-needed oxygen.

Step 6: Impose Contact Tracing.

Get the public used to being surveilled. Get the public used to having their temperature monitored in exchange for food or travel. With mass public acceptance, people are willing to give up their personal movements, friends and social contacts to be recorded, tracked and analyzed for the “greater good” of the health of the population.

Step 7: Health Passports For Smart Phones.

The introduction of health passport apps for smart phones will monitor people’s movement and restrict travel. Big Brother will know where people are all of the time. The public’s ability to access education, employment and social services will be affected. This will become the basis for the global digital identity tracking system. The global elites will no where anyone is at any given time.

Step 8: 5G Microwave Networks.

Bad 5G networks will gather personal information and data from people’s smart phones and any device that is connected to the internet. These microwave networks can also increase high-frequency radiation causing reduced oxygen levels that trigger respiratory symptoms that are reported as COVID.

Step 9: Mandatory Vaccinations.

Big Pharma will rake in massive profits while maintaining 100% legal immunity for injuries and deaths. Mass vaccinations will support the global elite’s plan for world depopulation, reducing the burgeoning numbers of the planet from nine billion to 500 million. New DNA-altered vaccines will create genetically-modified humans who can be bioengineered for obedience and sterility.

Step 10: Cashless Economy.

People who shop with cash can shop with privacy. A cashless economy means that people lose all financial privacy. Big Brother will know where people shop, what they buy and how much they spend. The accounts of dissenters of the government narrative can be frozen and funds cannot be accessed. Punish the populace into compliance.

Step 11: Human Nanochip Implants.

Everybody’s heard about the RFID chips or the Radio-Frequency Identity nanochips which, when implanted, will allow globalists’ 24/7 monitoring of the personal movements, social contacts, health statistics and digital payments of the entire world population. Nanochip implants will remove all human privacy and once compulsory, humans will be forced to merge with artificial intelligence machines.

Step 12: Totalitarian tyranny, the ‘New Normal’:

The “New Normal” will be a depopulated world of dehumanized, high-tech genetically-modified, obedient humans. This new nanochipped breed of humans will be permanently connected to the internet, socially-distanced from their friends and loved ones, living virtual lives while being monitored, tracked and controlled 24/7 by artificial intelligence.

COVID is merely the vehicle to usher in the new Fascist/Communist tyranny. As Aldus Huxley would say, “Welcome to the Brave New World.”



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