‘El Blue’ Exposes Obama-Biden Coyote Network of Trafficking Children

Mexican journalist Oscar ‘El Blue’ Ramirez gives first-hand witness to the Coyote network of organized crime in human trafficking of children, firing off a response to Joe Biden’s presidential debate performance last week.

The Tiajuana-based investigative journalist filed a live video event which breaks down the U.N. compact that led to a massive influx of child trafficking and was signed by Barack Obama and Joe Biden. ‘El Blue’ asserts that this compact resulted in more than 20,000 children being kept in cages during the Obama administration and describes the U.N. Global Compact of open borders as a massive, black-marked industry created by Barack Obama and Joe Biden.

President Donald J. Trump’s efforts to determine which children are biological offspring of parents who paid coyotes for the use of their children has resulted in the rescue of 72,000 trafficked children, ‘El Blue’ reports. He also notes that ANTIFA is involved in the trafficking syndicate and that President Trump has effectively shut down global human trafficking.


Rampant rape and torture of children occurs because the child is property that is used over and over again as anchors to keep illegal aliens in the United States long enough to disappear into the interior. Then, the child is taken by the coyotes and looped back to Mexico’s border regions to be recycled into another fake family and brought through the U.S./Mexican border.

But, coyotes are losing enslaved children, according to ‘El Blue’, because DNA testing verifies who the child is. As a result, many South American children are being returned to their parents.


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