‘Epstein Files’ Dump Reveals Ghislaine Maxwell Depositions, More Names

The ‘Epstein Files’ from the case Virginia L. Giuffrie v. Ghislane Maxwell, in the United States District Court, Southern District of New York, circa 2016, were dumped yesterday onto the internet and then quickly scrubbed, but not before truth tellers were able to download the complete folder.

The case centers around a defamation lawsuit filed by Giuffrie seeking damages against Maxwell and the Epstein Estate for attempts to discredit her for her accusations against the pair for their alleged sexual assault and enslavement against her will.

Most noteworthy within the case files are documents revealing pertinent information on many details of the Epstein operation. Also in the files are notations as to some of the evidence that is in possession of the authorities that could come into play against Maxwell.
There are 126 documents in the folder — QMN has uploaded it here in a ZIP file.

In Document 71-3, Page 20 of 40, Maxwell’s Attorney’s are seeking disclosure of documented correspondence between some 13 individuals or groups.

On Page 21, the attorney’s are asking for photographic or video evidence that Ms. Giuffrie has with certain individuals, including Alan Dershowitz, Prince Andrew, Bill Clinton, Al Gore and even Stephen Hawking.

Giuffrie’s attorney objected, under, among other reasons, attorney-client privilege and that the information requested would involve over 60 individuals and would be overly burdensome to retrieve and produce.

Document 71-1 is interesting in that it describes a list of evidence the attorneys doing the deposition will be using in the case.

Of particular note is the infamous little black book that allegedly went missing around the time of Jeffrey Epstein’s death. The book was noted as having been in the possession of Alfredo Rodriguez, a trusted Epstein employee.

Another peculiar item are the flight logs, presumably for the ‘Lolita Express’, but there is also a document marked, ‘Thailand Flight Information and Invoices for VR’ (Virginia Roberts, her maiden name).


The Thailand flight information is important because Giuffrie claimed that she was able to get away from Epstein and Maxwell, when they commissioned her to go to Thailand and bring them back as an underage girl.

Giuffrie decided to abandon that request and seek refuge in Thailand until the FBI caught up with her some time later and asked her for her cooperation in pursuing charges against Epstein.

With Ghislane Maxwell back in custody and Jeffrey Epstein allegedly deceased, many of these documents and testimonials may come back into play at her upcoming trial.

Should Ghislane make it to trial, commit suicide or make a deal remains to be seen, but it appears that the authorities have much more evidence to be able to connect some very high profile people to the Epstein trafficking ring.


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