Eyes Still on the Roosevelt: First Sailor Hospitalized, $243,000 for Modly’s Flight?

An unnamed sailor assigned to the USS Theodore Roosevelt, who tested positive for the Corona Virus two weeks ago, was found unconscious on Thursday and admitted to the intensive care unit ICU at U.S.Naval Hospital Guam.

The emergency was the first from the hundreds of sick sailors aboard the ship whose plight captured the nation.

The hospitalized sailor was in a 14-day isolation period on Naval Base Guam, according to the US Navy official website.

In total, 416 sailors on the ship tested positive for the disease, with 3,170 testing negative and about half of the crew has left the ship. The skeleton crew on the ship currently provide essential services and are working to sanitize the ship while in port at Guam.

What to do with the sick vexed the captain and his superiors, and, a week ago, ship Captain Brent Crozier was dismissed after complaining in an open letter for grounds of breaking the chain of command.

FILE PHOTO: Captain Brett Crozier, commanding officer of the U.S. Navy aircraft carrier USS Theodore Roosevelt, addresses the crew during an all-hands call on the ship’s flight deck in the eastern Pacific Ocean December 19, 2019. U.S. Navy/Mass Communication Specialist 3rd Class Nicholas Huynh/Handout via REUTERS

When Secretary of the Navy Thomas Modly flew out to Guam — at a cost of $243,116 revealed yesterday — to curse out Crozier to his former crew, he caught the ire of the media and President Trump vowed to mediate. The next day, Modly, himself, resigned.



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