Flynn Trending: ‘Be Not Afraid’


‘Be not afraid’ was trending on Twitter this morning as Lt. Gen. Mike Flynn’s return to the platform shows the influence he has over millions of Patriots who have followed his saga:

Flynn’s quote tags lawyer Sidney Powell, who on Monday filed two motions on his behalf, to stop the judge from perpetuating the case for which he was exonerated two weeks ago.

One motion called for Judge Emmet Sullivan to allow Flynn to withdraw his plea and the other to dismiss the case against him. Powell also delivered a Writ Of Mandamus to the United States Court of Appeals for the D.C. Circuit to correct Judge Sullivan’s unauthorized actions to extend Flynn’s prosecution, even though all parties agree that the case should be dropped..

The Flynn case is in the crosshairs as the ugly details come out about his entrapment.

Flynn was targeted by the Obama Administration to be sanctioned or removed as incoming national security adviser to U.S. President Donald J. Trump, according to the newly-declassified email that Susan Rice sent to herself on Inauguration Day 2017 has raised red flags.

Flynn’s exoneration came after a three-year battle with Deep State operatives set on destroying Flynn and his credibility.

After a three-year absence, Flynn’s presence on Twitter is giving hope to all of his supporters that the nightmare is coming to an end.


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