Flynn: “What a Beautiful Black Sky”

On April 10, Lt. Gen. Mike Flynn changed his Twitter header again to reflect a rare photograph showing the “eye of a storm,” which many watchers of this space tied to the nearing finale of the “Crossfire Hurricane” investigation that snared him, but now seems to be used to hunt the hunters.

As the rope around the neck of Retired Lt. Gen. Michael Flynn slowly unwinds, that noose is finding its place across the throats of his enemies — military strategy at its finest, indeed.

“Obamagate” kicked off yesterday via presidential tweet and the declassification of the Flynn documents by Acting Director of National Intelligence Richard Grenell. Now, it’s up to Attorney General Bill Barr to release that trove to the public.

The Flynn documents already made public have shown that Obama officials, who were telling the public about Russian collusion, were actually, under oath, unable to say that any existed.

As panic hits the Washington, DC swamp and major players scramble to lawyer up, media outlets have confirmed Grenell’s actions, which portend even greater reveals.  

Under Article 1, Section 6, Clause 1 of the United States Constitution, the long list of Obama officials could be facing jail time for a laundry list of abuses, prompting DC to lawyer up and 2,000 lawyers to sign a letter calling for Barr’s resignation.

Flynn’s name was repeatedly leaked to multiple media outlets in 2017, along with classified details of government-monitored calls he had with then-Russian Ambassador Sergey Kislyak. According to Whitewater Investigation lawyer Sol Wisenberg, unmasking Flynn and leaking the details of his call with Amb. Kislyak is a felony.

The DNI and the FBI leadership teams under the Obama Administration created fraudulent evidence to legitimize their applications for warrants to spy on presidential candidate Trump and his associates; the trail is leading straight to the White House.

The key law firm in the center of the scandal is Covington & Burling LLP — the law firm of former AG Eric Holder — which misrepresented Gen. Flynn against Deep State operatives, is now defying a court order to turn over Holder and Obama’s phone records to Gen. Flynn’s defense counsel.

When Holder left the Department of Justice, he returned to the den of vipers, which — for some reason — had been retained by Gen. Flynn and had requested information on President Donald J. Trump, while withholding exculpatory information from Flynn.

This may have been the precursor to one of the most brilliant 4D chess moves by a 30-year military strategist to capture the Deep State in their own trap. 

By retaining Covington & Burling, Gen. Flynn seems to have slammed the door on Obama and Holder running to the firm for cover, due to conflict of interest. 

Reviewing all the notes from the case, what still pops out is one enigmatic scene.

In The Threat, the book published by disgraced FBI agent Andrew McCabe, Flynn is described during the Christmas Eve interview / set-up at the hands of the FBI, pausing, and starting out the window. Three times he says the same phrase, and McCabe is perplexed as to what the general is referring to, but stays silent.

Three times, Flynn says:  “What a beautiful black sky.”

For a lifelong surfer on Middletown, Rhode Island’s Second Beach, and, since he silenced his Twitter account for the three-plus years his case endured, only changing its header to reflect his mood in photos of skylines and flags, “a beautiful black sky” only means one thing:

The Storm is upon us. 


Lt. Gen. Mike Flyn”s current Twitter header.


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