Former WH Doctor on Biden’s 25A: ‘Locked and Loaded and Ready To Go’

Dr. Ronny Jackson, the former White House physician to President Donald J. Trump and Barack Obama, verbalizes what many have thought for some time now. He suggests that “something is not right” about Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden.

The retired Navy rear admiral says, “The best way I can describe him every time I see him is that he’s just lost.” He and millions of Americans are “not comfortable” with Biden as America’s commander in chief.

Dr. Jackson, who won a House GOP primary in Texas, spoke with Sean Hannity about Biden’s frail appearance and lapses of memory. Hannity noted that what people are seeing in Joe Biden are the same things they are seeing with their own relatives.

“I’ve taken care of three presidents during three administrations and I know what’s required to sit in that seat at the Resolute desk and make those decisions, both mentally and physically, ” Dr. Jackson stated. “Something’s going on here.” He noted that Biden has good days and bad days and that his cognitive impairment seems to be transitioning.

He further pointed out that the double standard that mainstream media scrutiny placed on President Trump’s mental fitness for duty to fulfill his duties while nothing is questioned about Joe Biden’s mental acuity.

He discussed House Democrats trying to put measures in place for using the 25th Amendment to remove a sitting president. Dr. Jackson said, “I was thinking the other day [about] the stuff that was going on with Nancy Pelosi and the 25th Amendment. People were thinking that’s directed at President Trump. I don’t think it is anymore.”

Dr. Jackson continued, “I think they’re laying the groundwork for what happens, God forbid, he becomes president. They’re going to have it locked and loaded and ready to go because they’re going to need it really quickly after he gets into office if it were unfortunate enough for him to win.”

Even Joe Biden knows that the Dems are using him as a Trojan Horse to usher Kamala Harris into the White House. He stated last week that she [Harris] “is a person who will be ready on Day One to be President of the United States of America.”

Maybe Joe Biden will win his Senate race.


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