Free Speech ‘Submarine’ Brought to Dock as 8kun Admin CodeMonkeyZ Retires

The free speech submarine that shepherded the online patriot movement announced a changing of the guard on Election Day, as Ron Watkins, aka @CodeMonkeyZ, said he was retiring from his admin role at 8kun, formerly known as 8chan.

His father, Jim Watkins, owns the network of censorship-free sites that gained notoriety for hosting those politically incorrect frogs who supported candidate Trump in 2006, with their meme warfare and image boards diagramming the corruption of the deep state, which went out of its way to kick them off the internet for years.

“I am resigning as admin of 8kun effective immediately. Extensive battles have been fought tooth and nail during a self-imposed civic duty protecting the final fortifications of online free speech, guardedly navigating these tumultuous times. Today I bring ship to dock. Farewell,” CodeMonkeyZ tweeted.

Ron was tight-lipped about his plans or who would replace him as the official site admin, though it’s likely he would resume work on a free speech project built around the blockchain, as featured here in his first interview.

Though mainly a technical report, Coindesk, the largest bitcoin and blockchain news site, deserves credit for the article, publisahed a year ago this week, as the mainstream press went out of its way to avoid any critical thought into the platform chosen by the military operation known as Q to release its online intelligence drops to patriots worldwide.

Yet while its many detractors saw 8chan as a vortex of fringe politics and looney-tune conspiracy theories, others defended it as a beacon of free speech in an age of political correctness and corporate media consolidation. Alongside the terrorist manifestos, there were WikiLeaks-style document dumps.

The reaction to his farewell tweet — 20,000 likes, 7,500 retweets and 5,900 comments from well wishers — was fitting testimony to the hard work and dedication of this unsung patriot.


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