Fuel for the Fight — @QMN1775USA — You can’t suspend our spirit, you bastids!

If controversy is King, your soldiers-at-arms at Quartermaster News are the White Knights.

Our honest reporting, high follow ratios plus all the uncomfortable truths that we’ve made plain — from the power of HCQ, to the planning behind the riots, to the movements of our troops in this time of crisis — mightily pissed off the censorship overlords at Twitter, so our accounts @QMN1775 and @QMNEditor were summarily suspended — without cause or explanation. Adios to 20,000 friends.

Anyway. We’ve re-upped.

Follow along at @QMN1775USA. For those airmen still flying with Zuck, see our Facebook page, still there at @QuartermasterNews and our FB Group where you can engage with more fellow Patriots, plus alert us to news we ought to cover and join the conversation.

The best thing is to subscribe to the daily blast with your email so we can always send you the news, despite the de-platforming scourge which will only get worse until November.

It’s not an ordinary election — we know — so here we are with ‘Fuel for the Fight’.


MEMEWARS: Petition Calls on White House to Investigate Twitter Director — Stanford AI Expert, Soros Protege, Fired In Google-USAF Scandal — Dr. Fei-Fei Li Denounced by Censored Dissidents Over Chinese Military Ties #CCP

MEMEWARS: Twitter Suspends Patriot After Retweet by POTUS for Being Too Patriotic

MEMEWARS: POTUS Trump Smacks Twitter Over 1A with Executive Order

DARPA AI Weaponized to Rip Off 2020 Election; Retired Gen. McChrystal Involved

MEMEWARS: POTUS Trump Smacks Twitter Over 1A with Executive Order


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