Lt. Gen. Flynn Exonerated as DOJ Drops Case

Lt. Gen. Michael Flynn was exonerated on Thursday as the Department of Justice dropped the FBI’s case against him because no crime existed.

The case filing exposes the political set-up and manufactured charges that cost Flynn his job as National Security Advisor.

“With no dispute as to what was in fact said, there was no factual basis for the predication of a new counterintelligence investigation.”

“In short, Mr. Flynn’s calls with the Russian ambassador—the only new information to arise since the FBI’s decision to close out his investigation—did not constitute an articulable factual basis to open any counterintelligence investigation or criminal investigation.”

To those not following along as the case started and stopped over the past three years, Flynn walked into a trap, as the FBI had recorded his phone calls. They asked him about a call with the Russian Ambassador, charged him with lying about it, but what the judges found today was that lying about or not, which he apparently didn’t, there was no crime in having that phone call.

The decision portends to be the first domino to fall in the opposing direction against the coup plotters.


“The FBI never attempted to open a new investigation of Mr. Flynn on these grounds. Mr. Flynn’s communications with the Russian ambassador implicated no crime. This is apparent from the FBI’s rush to revive its old investigation rather than open and justify a new one.”

“The calls were entirely appropriate on their face…. Mr. Flynn has never disputed that the calls were made”

“There was no question at the FBI as to the content of the calls; the FBI had in its possession word-for-word transcripts of the actual communications between Mr. Flynn and Mr. Kislyak.”

Moments after the decision was made public, those in support of Flynnn and the President roared congratulations for the victory and lauded the work of the closer, attorney Sidney Powell, who stepped in after original lawyers Covington & Burling LLP were found to have conflicts of interest in the case.

Meanwhile, Flynn’s detractors were already calling for a second opinion.

What Patriots are also expecting is that there was method to the madness.

By giving closed-door testimony that touched on many investigations, Flynn was able to contribute to many other pending cases as a witness.

As head of the Defense Intelligence Agency and after a long career in the military and in Washington, Flynn knows where the bodies are buried.


General Flynn: The Light at the End of the Tunnel?



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