GLOBAL PATRIOTS: France’s Yellow Vests Can’t Be Accused of Being Yellow

How many heavily-armed, riot-gear-clad gendarmes does it take to arrest an unarmed woman? Apparently, about 15, according to a viral video of renewed protests by France’s Yellow Vests following a 10-week Corona Virus lockdown.

Yellow Vest protesters took to the streets of Lyon in a renewed fight against oppressive government regulations, calling for the ouster of French President Emmanuel Macron. As police clashed with protesters, French citizens walked through the streets, clapping and singing, in support of the Mouvement des GILETS JAUNES, or the Yellow Vest  or Yellow Jacket Movement. 


Macron’s use of excessive government force has steeled the resolve of the protesters.

Known for their high-visibility yellow vests, which all drivers in France are required to keep in their cars to stay safe after traffic accidents, the movement began with a petition protesting rising diesel fuel prices and taxes, as well as the high cost of living, in May, 2018, two years ago. 

By that November, more than 300,000 protesters were attracted to the movement, constructing road blocks and barricades that caused havoc.

The motorway chaos was fitting because the immediate trigger for the protest wave was French Government’s decision to raise tax on diesel fuel in a move to encourage the driving of less-polluting cars, pitting public opinion against collective morale.

Public perception is that the government is passing a disproportionate amount of the austerity bill and ecology bill on to the working and middle class for the good of all society.

Macron made partial concessions that provided for 10 billion euros worth of additional welfare and the cancellation of the new taxes, which dropped public support of the Yellow Vests from 84% to 55%, according to one poll. 

Despite concessions made by Macron in order to diffuse the movement, his unwillingness to address the public justified protesters’ criticisms of the government.

Macron. 42, came to office as the youngest Prime Minister in modern French history, without any political experience, except for a stint as a bureaucrat in the Economy Ministry. His claim to fame was that he was an executive for Rothschild & Co investment bank, and its upper echelon pushed him forward into the political arena, which is why he’s seen as a spokesman for the globalists.

His personal life is also très bizarre. He met his wife when he was 15, and she was a 38-year-old teacher at his high school. While she has grandchildren, their union has produced none, and French cynics see their marriage as a sham to pander to an aging class of French women voters. Meanwhile, rumors run rampant that Macron’s lover is the President of Radio France, Matthew Galle. 


Patriots in America are largely unaware of this struggle in France, from the people who gave us the Statue of Liberty, but taking to the streets to stand up to the deaf ears of government is also what has motivated Americans to stand up against the Governor of Michigan and everywhere else tin can despots reign.

In the midst of the pandemic, blue state tyrants are sparking protests with governors, mayors, and police departments trying to strip Americans of their Constitutional rights and protections. 

The fight arrived in Germany at the weekend, when thousands broke the stay-at-home orders of Angela Merkel’s government.

As the new resistance to the “resistance” gathers force, American patriots will soon be wearing the vests of freedom.



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