In Absence of Rallies, Trump Supporters Take the Waterways Over Labor Day Weekend

Hundreds of Trump supporters formed a regatta on the Potomac River, as they did in several other waterways over the weekend, to show their support for U.S. President Donald J. Trump.

The Corona Virus has caused President Trump and his staff to limit the number of Republican political rallies across the country leading many of his supporters to find creative outlets to show their support by placing their flags and other insignia on their boats and floating down the rivers, lakes, bays and other waterways across the country.

Safe on the water, these may also be the same people afraid to put signs in their yard or on their fence posts in support of President Trump due to the potential for violent outbursts and vandalism from the other side.

A safer alternative for them is to band together on the water to form a parade of boats, voicing their support in a large, noticeable display of approval toward our President and his policies which include law and order, support for police and rebuilding the economy.

The large number of boats in various sites across the country cannot be ignored by the media, giving credence to the presence of a ‘silent majority’ that the polls exclude when discussing November’s election.

Comparing these crowds to the paltry numbers who come out in support of Joe Biden, who, somehow, is seen to be higher in the polls — well, something doesn’t seem quite right.

Biden’s supporters must also be hiding in the basement — or the morgue — and their ballots are just waiting to be counted on election day.


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