Intelligence Commands of 2 Different Units Taken Out In Single Plane Crash

A plane crash killing three National Guardsmen in Tennessee last month slipped by the public eye with barely a glance, as death and destruction have wreaked havoc on the public for months with rioting, looting and murder all spring and summer and we are desensitized to another report.

But when military deaths are reported, acknowledgments are made and the thanks of a grateful nation are bestowed upon the memories of the deceased.

Unfortunately, the deaths of three National Guardsmen in Tennessee were different.

These three National Guardsmen just happened to be the top Intelligence Command of two separate units and their deaths raised no eyebrows.

The three National Guardsmen were killed September 8th, near Warren Memorial Airport outside of Nashville.

They were identified as 53-year old Senior Master Sergeant Scott Alan Bumpus, 45-year old Lieutenant Colonel Shellie Dawn Huether, and 37-year old Captain Jessica Naomi Wright — all members of the Tennessee Air National Guard in Nashville.

But what was not mentioned are the circumstances of the crash. However, reviewing weather data and reports from hurricane watchers, what’s not being talked about may be even bigger than the deaths of these three heroes.

On October 9th, as many parts of the country were experiencing severe weather from Hurricane Delta, telemetry from a weather watcher named Dutchsinse captured what he believed to be a secret military laser test over the U.S. mainland.

According to Twitch, DutchsinseOfficial is one man, Michael Janitch from St. Louis, Mo., who keeps up on weather, natural and man-made, as well as Direct Energy Weaponry worldwide.

So what does Hurricane Delta have to do with the three deceased National Guardsmen in Tennessee?

Lines brought up on Google Earth Pro correlate to military installations.

While the imager captured on short wave is assumed to be a DEW laser beams pointing from space at Tyndall Air Force Base in Florida, creating a hot spot as reported by Dutchsinse, a YouTube video by Palm Coast postulates an alternate theory that the direct energy laser was not shooting down from space, but running perpendicular from one point to another.

As evidenced by the map, the laser running from Tyndall AFB travels directly north to Nashville, Tennessee.

A second laser was detected and seems to travel from Chennault Air Force Base in Lake Charles, La. to Tulsa.

While Tyndall is one of the most important Air Force Bases in the country, it is also the home to the 53rd Weapons Evaluations Group, where they test shooting down drones from the ground. Even though this laser weaponry is mounted on fighter jets to shoot down intercontinental ballistic missiles, shooting down drones is not air-to-air dogfighting as seen in the movies.

“What he captured,” Palm Coast says, “was two white streaks, one going what looks like Tyndall Air Force Base, up to some place in Tennessee. The analysis that he gives is that the line is actually a three-dimensional image.”

So what do laser beams have to do with the National Guardsmen in Tennessee? It just so happens that Nashville international Airport is home to the 118th Air Intelligence Wing and they fly MQ9 Reaper Drones.

118th Air Intelligence Wing with the MQ9

Could a Piper PA-28 be mistaken for an MQ9 drone?

Piper PA-28

What could have happened here is that their plane was caught in the middle of the laser beams… if so, how did the top three intelligence officials end up on the same flight, same place, and the same time? This type of conjecture could lead one to suspect that something nefarious is afoot.

The crash site itself is a bit troubling. There is no explosion, no debris, no impact damage. It almost looks as though it were staged. But, why? And by whom?

According to preliminary information compiled by the FAA, the crash occurred under unknown circumstances. The information shows that one person was part of the flight crew and two people were passengers. It was not immediately clear who was flying the plane.


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  1. Hey… i looked into this crash. It looks like something went wrong with the engine, a possible cylinder failure on number four. The plane was also involved in a an unrelated off airport landing a few years ago. Slight chance it was a weight/balance issue, the fuel pump might not have been turned on during takeoff, or the engine failed.

    No fire at the crash site, even though fuel was in the tanks.


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