Iran Rocket Fuel, Warheads Depot Targeted in Beirut Blast — Weapons Analyst

Yesterday’s blast in Beirut that rocked and shocked the world was a controlled hit, according to weapons analyst and Twitter thread genius, Carlos Osweda, aka Thomas Wictor, the author of seven books and the world’s only expert on World War I flamethrowers.

In his analysis of yesterday’s explosion at the port, he concludes that someone took out Iran’s entire supply of rocket fuel and greatly reduced the destruction by causing deflagration instead of detonation. He concludes that Iran is the culprit, noting that Iran thinks that it can hide weapons depots in civilian centers because nobody will hit them. He says they’re wrong.

“It was an arms depot. Missiles from Iran. First, the warheads were destroyed. Listen to them going off,” Wictor tweeted from his account, “Carlos Osweda”. Fourteen hours later he received the confirmation that he’d been looking for:

Al Arabiya reporting: “Initial information: The explosion occurred in a Hezbollah arms store in Beirut Port.”


Wictor presents multiple views of the explosion, caused by the detonation of 2,750 pounds of ammonium nitrate, rocket fuel, and urged Twitter readers to note the ‘the growing orange flame’ before the second explosion, which is indicative of a detonation or deflagration of the explosive.

He explains an explosion as being the rapid release of energy, or detonation. Slowing down the release of energy by burning the explosive is deflagration. Hence, a controlled hit.

“Look at the perfect line of the dock destruction. It’s like a dredger removed it,” he analyzes. “THIS WAS A CONTROLLED EXPLOSION. It had surgical precision.”

“When HMX is heated,” he says, “it undergoes deflagration, emitting brown smoke. The energy release is greatly reduced. BROWN SMOKE, not red as the idiot media is reporting.”

He further notes that there were actually three explosions: the ‘fireworks’ explosion, the smoke-tower explosion, and the explosion that produced the white dome of water vapor, which became a vortex ring, according to his video analysis.

Wictor questions, “So what was it?”

Then, he connects the dots between the missile warheads and the “HMX rocket fuel, also called Octogen, which is a powerful and relatively insensitive nitroamine high explosive, chemically related to RDX.” He then lays the motive on Iran’s doorstep.

“Iran intends to produce the powerful explosive Octogen for use in the warheads of its missiles to improve their ‘destructive and penetration power,’ Wictor quotes Iranian Defense Minister Brigadier General Hossein Dehqan’s announcement Wednesday.

Accordingly, he finds that the destruction of the Iranian missile depot was necessary to avoid another war in the world, with superhuman efforts being made to spare civilians. He considers the Lebanese cover story is a “transparent lie,” and that Lebanon is under the thumb of Hezbollah and Iran.

“After these incidents, claims of civilian casualties are always made. My guess is all the dead were Iranians,” Wictor concludes at the end of his thread. “Yes, windows were broken. Would you rather have broken windows or another war?”

With Google killing off his YouTube channel with death-by-faceless-bureaucracy, Wictor depends on his nom de guerre ‘Carlos Osweda’ to get the word out about new weapons that are designed for destroying massive weapons depots in civilian centers.

Wictor is admired among Twitter users for his like-minded friendship with actress Roseanne Barr, as well as a premier conservative voice that Twitter is censoring, evidenced by being recently being shadowbanned.

One of Wictor’s specialties is forensic video analysis, where in his epic Twitter threads, he examines the truth Middle East activities and Antifa’s domestic terrorism.

Thomas Wictor, “As far as I can tell, this entire portion of the dock (red box) is GONE.”


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