JOKE’S ON YOU: Testing …Testing…Common Sense Falls on Deaf Ears

To test or not to test, that is the question:

Whether ’tis nobler in the mind to suffer
The slings and arrows of outrageous fortune,
Or to take arms against a sea of troubles
And by opposing end them.

When William Shakespeare wrote the first folio of Hamlet in 1623, you’d think he’d been given insight into the insanity over the corona virus that is parroted on a daily basis by news outlets to instill fear in an already frightened populace.

Let’s face it: testing is a fallacy. 

Americans suffer the slings and arrows from blue state tyrants and are threatened with retaliation if they take up arms or push back on the current sea of troubles. But, Shakespeare is right. By opposing them, they can end them. People need to turn off the news and put an end to the 24/7 assault on their freedoms, not to mention their intelligence.

How many Americans have fallen for the “you have to wear a mask if you go out” lie?

Not to bore you with science, but if the fabric of a mask shuts out particles as small as 3 microns, but the virus is 1.5 microns, the masks are a sham.

When you see reporters wearing masks for show, and then immediately remove them at the end of a news conference, should you feel foolish for dutifully wearing yours? Yes, you should.

All that has been proved by the mask edict is that people are sheeple and can be controlled and dutifully place themselves at risk for hypoxia — is in drowning in your own hot air.

President Donald J. Trump tweets, “Open the Country!” Elizabeth Warren (D-MA) tweets back that you can’t open the country with a tweet. It needs to be opened gradually. Why not? Because it’s just another form of Deep State control. Instill fear and keep control.

Open it with a tweet, fast, fast, let’s go!

We’ve found the top 10 reasons to test everybody and keep the country shut down. Welcome to the new normal.

  1.     Everyone needs a test. It doesn’t matter who you are. You should be willing to be the 14th car in a car line at your local testing facility and wait patiently with anticipation for someone to stick a barbecue skewer with a cotton swab on the end up through your nasal cavity into your cranium. Infected or not infected: Another question.
  2.     If you haven’t taken a corona virus test, you are a jerk. That means if you value your sanity, you’re a jerk. If you exercise your Constitutional rights to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness, you’re a jerk. Basically, if you prove that you are an independent, free thinker, you’re a jerk.
  3.     49% of people took the test, but municipal governments won’t open playgrounds until 67% take it. Then, when 67% have taken it, the goal posts will shift and playgrounds won’t be opened until 84% have taken it. Ultimately, it’s announced that playgrounds will be closed permanently until 100% have been tested and/or vaccinated.
  4.     If you have taken the test, you need to be able to produce your certificate to the proper authorities at any given moment. Dogs have papers. People don’t have papers, but remember, this is the new normal. These are orders sent down from above by those who are so much smarter than you because you can’t figure this out for yourself.
  5.     Now, to get a certificate, you must add a Tracing App to your cellphone. This is your own personal GPS tracker so your overlords know exactly where you are, whom you’re with, and what you’re doing at any given moment. Shot a hole right through a few Amendments there, but …. this is the new normal.
  6.     Public service announcements declare that, despite the testing, a widely-seen outbreak has occurred on Main Street, Anytown, USA—which just happens to be where your App says you were—so please stay inside. It’s for the good of the neighborhood; the good of the city; the good of the state; and the good of the country. Be a stand-up American and tow the party line and stay inside. You can party there … by yourself. Mix up a quarantini (like a regular martini, but you drink it at home alone) and party on.
  7.     For two more weeks. Next week, rinse and repeat.
  8.     Have we gotten to the elections yet? Please stay inside, as there is a Second (or is it a Third) Wave of the dreadful virus slated to close beaches, schools, employment, and American businesses indefinitely. Be sure to use your mail-in ballot to be patriotic and keep your neighbors safe. Don your latex gloves and your mask and gear up with hand sanitizer and Lysol before you make the trek to the mailbox. Remember, you can never be too careful.
  9.     The mail-in absentee ballots will help the Deep State defeat the dreaded champion of liberty running against the incumbent blue state weasel at the ballot box because there is no accountability. Remember what Josef Stalin said, “It’s not the ones who vote who win elections; it’s the ones who count the votes.”
  10. November 5th? Ok, nothing to see here. Move along. Go outside and play.


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