MEMEWARS: 3 Million Facebook Accounts Fingered for ‘Too Much Truth’

From a whisper campaign that grew by the ones and twos, to some 3 million accounts today on Facebook clamoring in unison for ethics, transparency and accountability in government, the numbers now speak for themselves, meaning they speak for all of us.

“The top 10 groups identified in the investigation collectively contain more than 1 million members, with totals from more top groups and pages pushing the number of members and followers past 3 million,” reported NBC News in an exclusive based on an internal Facebook report and comments from two anonymous staffers who leaked it.

A Facebook spokesman told NBC the company could purge the accounts, a la Twitter, or remove them from search and suggestions, in a futile attempt to silence the messengers to refute a message. Ultimately, it’s a grassroots movement built around sharing links to FOIA documents and selections from old lost history books and whistleblower accounts — and once you rub that genie, it’s no going back in a bottle.

The scourge is none other than that White House backdoor effort to deprog, or deprogram, the population via the military operation called Q, or when combined with the thousands — or is it millions now? — of patriots who contextualize and disseminate the true history of our country as QAnon.

When the tale is finally told, the fewer than 10 members of Q Team will have been pulled from the top ranks of the National Security Agency, Office of Naval Intelligence and Secret Service and led by patriots of the first order, including the likes of Gen. Michael Flynn and former NSA chief Admiral Mike Rogers.

In a nation where free speech is held to be supreme, but the country’s news remains controlled by six mega-corporations bent on keeping us in the corral as docile sheep, a deprog of this scale is the only way to elevate the marginalized truth tellers to the front page.

That the mainstream media has pulled out all of the stops to vilify the campaign as a con or a ruthless psyop— psychological operation— without ever risking the actual confirmation of its source by posing “the question” to the White House, reports like this just show the panic the establishment truly perceives — and the punishment that they know is coming.

Quite rightly, who needs NBC to blanket us with misinformation, when you have Q reporting directly on the back channel via

Or, for that matter, President Trump, himself, speaking to his 30.6 million followers on Facebook and 84.9 million on Twitter?

Never mind the scope for more honest newsmen to embrace the truth as a discipline, reporting on what’s actually happening in the country, rather than just reading from the teleprompter or following the old 4AM drop that would set the national headlines for the day.

As instructive as the size of the uproar and the hackneyed attempts to paint the movement as a violent one, reading some of the rationales against Q goes so far as to show how the enemies of the truth tellers really are the conspiracy theorists of today.

Amid the hundreds of supporters who sub-tweeted NBC reporter Brandy Zadrozny, there were a few main lines of critique, easily demolished.

1.) This is a mental problem — When faced with a bewildering world, the allure of being a holder of secret knowledge has entrapped believers in this charade.

Except all Q has done is validate the unofficial history of America’s elite, built in the 1800s by controlling the opium trade, seizing that from the British in the 20th century, and using the arms of government to channel those illicit trillions into weapons deals and using the same smuggling routes for human trafficking.

The foiling of the Epstein caper, where his final flight was via a helicopter with a dual government license number that stopped in a dozen locations to collect children that fueled the blackmail business, the whole point of all the subterfuge, to create Deep State soldiers who do as they told for fear their secrets will be unveiled.

Ultimately, once it’s all exposed, revealing those secrets is what will set them free.

2.) That it’s Russia, this is all a Putin KGB op. The detail that spoiled the 2016 narrative of the Soviets using Facebook to win an election was that the total ads Zuckerberg could pin to them amounted to less than $100,000, at a time when the Hillary Clinton campaign spent upwards of $4 billion on its television propaganda.

And what is Russia but the paper tiger we have never fought whose 1905 revolution was paid for by Wall Street bankers. Another way of looking at our enemy; in the same way the Deep State funded North Korea to rattle its saber against the jail bars to intimidate South Korea into buying American weapons, we have done en masse with Russia. That Hillary’s first order of business would have been to start a war with Russia over Ukraine, a country we, meaning Joe Biden, mercilessly corrupted with the sons of the elite taking positions in all their energy companies — again, all farce for the tail wagging the dog, and money lining the pockets.

3.) Fake accounts and astroturfing. The only thing worse than 3 million fervent patriots on Twitter would be that there were only 3,000 and each person was running 1,000 FB accounts off of his laptop — all of it impossible because Facebook and Twitter both have shown no mercy in shutting down anyone with even two accounts, let alone, dozens or hundreds or thousands.

Even today, Twitter followed suit, banning accounts with hundreds of thousands of followers each. So much for following the rules, the writing is on the wall and readers of those accounts are long imbued with enough truth that no pied piper is needed. Just open a history book, the answers are between the lines.

The best answer to all of it is the Streisand effect. Notably, when Barbra Streisand tried to suppress photos of her Malibu estate, more people wanted to see them. The official term is psychological reactance, where once you become aware that information is being kept from you, you are more motivated to access and spread that information. Here, the endless refusals, denials and attempts to shut down the message and its messenger, both show how weak the news really is today and how much the word is getting out.

For all those who were turned off by their early reporting into this “violent far-right conspiracy theory” an equally yuge number decided to log into to read the drops for themselves. Getting beyond the military jargon, nicknames and blank spaces, the outline of America’s devious past is as clear as crystal.

Rather than trying to kill the messenger because they don’t like the message, their ire should be directed at this establishment of Rockefeller-funded medical schools and Carnegie-donated libraries and CIA-led drug dealing that have had the cumulative effect over the century to kill more Americans than any foreign enemy ever could.


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