MEMEWARS: Beware the Blue Masks!

It’s simple: Teflon-coated, blue paper masks can kill you.

Thirty years ago, everybody was saying, “Beware the blue M & Ms,” when the blue candy hit the scene. It was a running joke because America was used to only standard colors when they opened the bags of the chocolate treat.

Politicians have been pushing for the public to wear masks to supposedly stop the spread of COVID-19, but Americans aren’t buying that line anymore. They used the virus to frighten and subjugate people in their homes through lockdowns and mandated wearing masks as a way to silence the populace … and the public fell for it.

Now they can get ready to pay the price when they find out, after the fact, what being a sheep has done to them. Sometimes, it’s safer to be a majority of one.


Lockdowns, Masks, Empty Offices Lead to Spike in Legionnaires Disease, Upper-Respiratory Infections

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‘Masks are Bunk’ — HK University Study Published by CDC Journal


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