MEMEWARS: Facebook Fact Checkers Insist Hunter Biden Crack Pipe Photo Innocuous


Facebook’s fact checkers have determined that a photo released from Hunter Biden’s recovered hard drives is far more innocuous than you would believe.

Twitter user Nichole Hicks Cordovas, who posted the screenshot, said she was done with “Fascistbook” after this last attempt at censoring free speech and gaslighting America.

Hunter Biden, who also left a crack pipe, wallet and his dead brother’s Attorney General badge in a returned rental car, spoke about his crack addiction in the released emails on the drive, including one poignant exchange with his father, Presidential candidate Joe Biden, that appeared to discuss his ex-wife refusing to allow him to see his daughter because he would be naked and high on crack.

Yet the Facebook censors determined that while the photo of Hunter asleep with the dirty glass pipe in his mouth was not retouched, viewers are jumping to the wrong conclusion.

“What’s true: Hunter Biden had a “glass rose” in his mouth without the actual rose part.”

In a subsequent tweet, Cordovas insisted that “unfortunately” this was not a joke.

Facebook banned thousands of Facebook Groups and limited millions of accounts for sharing information that would be detrimental to the Biden-Harris presidential campaign. While the law does not allow them to censor social media posts, their latest update to the user agreement as of Oct.1 gives Facebook permission to cut any account that would otherwise force them to censor.

In a subsequent tweet, after being tagged in this article, Cordovas said she had been a registered Democrat until three months ago once the “truth” showed her the “light.”



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