Michelle Obama: ‘All this just for a flag?’

With the horse race for the Democrat Vice President berth focusing on former First Lady Michelle Obama as the undeclared leader of the pack, her patriotism was called into question on Wednesday, as an unsettling internet video from 2011 went viral again.

A video clip honoring the victims and heroes from 9/11, filmed at a September 11, 2011 ceremony, showing the former first couple talking during the event, as the American flag is being folded after the bagpipes played Taps.

Lip readers made out Michelle to have said: “All this just for a flag?”

Some went so far as to read that she actually said, “All this for a damn flag?”

Meanwhile, Former President Obama nodded in agreement the whole time.

Even without the actual words, her face showed the disdain.

To Americans, and those who have served our country, the flag is more than just a piece of cloth. Patriots have fought for it, died for it and buried their comrades who sacrificed their lives for it. All for a blessed flag, indeed.

After publishing her book, ‘Becoming,’ enjoying the former First Couple’s lucrative role as Executive Producers for Netflix, and gracing our television screens with flattering guest appearances, taken together, it seems to indicate that all is primed for Michelle to take the mantle as candidate for Vice President under current Democratic nominee Joe Biden.

But with Biden’s gaffes and age in question, along with the Tara Reade sexual harassment scandal brewing, who he names as VP will be more in focus than ever. Some people are already pushing Michelle Obama for the top job:



American voters should be aware of who they really are elevating to leadership positions in our country.

The first requirement should be respect for our flag. And our nation.


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