Military Honor Funerals Resume Post-Pandemic Pause

Families who were denied military honors funerals for their fallen loved ones will now be able to arrange memorial services starting next month, according to the Department of Veterans Affairs. Services were curtailed in March due to coronavirus concerns.

“During the last 10 weeks VA national cemeteries have continued performing our essential mission — to inter Veterans and eligible family members,” said VA Secretary Robert Wilkie in a statement. “We believe we have a robust set of measures in place that will allow us to conduct committal and memorial services while protecting the health and safety of Veterans, their families and our team members who serve them.”

All but two U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs national cemeteries opened for military honors funerals yesterday.

Even though the cemeteries will still follow the Corona Virus guidelines, all interments scheduled on or beginning today will be offered the option of a committal service at the time of interment, according to the Department of Veterans Affairs statement.

The number of people available to attend funeral honors will depend on state and local regulations.

Families of eligible veterans request funeral honors through their funeral director. The funeral director will contact the appropriate military service to arrange for the funeral honors detail.

NewYork Military Forces Honor Guard Team at the 2010 funeral of New York Army National Guard 1st Lt. Joseph Theinert (Photo by Lt. Col. Paul Faning NY ARNG)


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