Millions of Citizens Take to Berlin, London Streets to Protest Pandemic, Forced Closures, Big Pharma, Bill Gates

Millions of Germans and Brits are rising up against World Health Dictator Bill Gates and his Big Pharma agenda demanding that people wake up and fight against global totalitarianism.

The demonstration in Berlin mirrored an event in London with millions of citizens taking to the streets to protest for their rights. 

In the words of CNN, the thousands — read millions — including a large contingent of far-right groups (coronavirus skeptics, 5G conspiracy theorists, and anti-vaxxers) and members identifying with the US-based right-wing conspiracy movement QAnon.

The more accurate telling would be all those who question the official narratives had finally got it together to come out of the woodwork and safety of their own homes to send a clear message to totalitarian bureaucracy that the jig is up.

Who led the Berlin march was Robert Kennedy, Jr., who rallied German anti-vaxxers protesting Angela Merkel’s coronavirus restrictions as their numbers swelled from the thousands to the 3 million, by one estimate, while being denounced by government officials and the American mainstream media.

Kennedy opened his speech by calling out the corruption of mainstream media which, according to Kennedy, claim that he came to Berlin “to speak to about 5,000 Nazis.”

“I look at this crowd,” he said. “I see all the flags of Europe. I see people of every color. I see people of every nation. Every religion. All caring about human dignity, about children’s health. About political freedom. This is the opposite of Nazism.”

Berlin city authorities had previously decided to ban the demonstrations out of fear that the protesters would not maintain social distancing or comply with face mask requirements, a move that sparked even further outrage among protesters. Berlin’s administrative court overturned the ban on the eve of the demonstration.

Counter-demonstrators of a rally against the Corona measures gather and hold out a banner reading “Masks on Nazis out” in Berlin, Germany, Saturday, Aug. 29, 2020. (Christophe Gateau/dpa via AP)

In speaking out, the son of former U.S. Attorney General Robert Kennedy, Sr. who was assassinated in 1968, took up the mantle of his family, when he said: 

“I look at this crowd and I see the opposite of Nazism. I see people of democracy. People who want open government. People who want leaders who are not going to lie to them. People who want leaders who will not make up arbitrary rules and regulations to orchestrate obedience of the population.”

Kennedy called out Bill Gates and his “bio-security agenda, the rise of authoritarian surveillance state and Big Pharma sponsored coup d’etat against liberal democracy.”

Kennedy blasted the elitists who are dictating policies to subjugate the world’s citizenry while praising the crowd for standing up against global totalitarianism. He noted that governments “love pandemics,” because they are crises of convenience for those dictating pandemic policies.

Kennedy drove home his point: “They love pandemics for the same reason they love war. Because it gives them the ability to impose controls on the population that the population would otherwise never accept.”

Kennedy accused Gates and Dr. Anthony Fauci of planning the coronavirus pandemic for decades, making it up as they go along, inventing numbers, changing the designation of Covid on death certificates to make it look more dangerous.

“The only thing a government needs to turn people into slaves is fear,” he said. “The one good thing they are good at is pumping up fear.”

Kennedy concluded: 

“They haven’t done a very good job about protecting public health. But they’ve done a very good job using the quarantine to bring 5G into all of our communities. And to begin the process of shifting us all to a digital currency, which is the beginning of slavery. Because if they control your bank account, they control your behavior.”

German President Frank-Walter Steinmeier said that people had the right to express their anger about the coronavirus restrictions and to question them publicly, including with demonstrations.

“Reich flags and right-wing extremist provocations in front of the German Bundestag are an unbearable attack on the heart of our democracy,” he said, referencing the federal legislative body. “We will never accept this.”

People gather at the Victory Column as they attend a protest rally in Berlin, Germany, Saturday, Aug. 29, 2020 against new coronavirus restrictions in Germany. Police in Berlin have requested thousands of reinforcements from other parts of Germany to cope with planned protests at the weekend by people opposed to coronavirus restrictions. (AP Photo/Michael Sohn)

“My sympathy ends where protesters allow themselves to be used by enemies of democracy and political agitators,” he said.

Propagandized opinion polls show only one in 10 Germans reject the country’s current prevention measures, including the requirement to wear masks on public transport, in stores and in some public buildings such as libraries and schools. 

But the numbers attending Kennedy’s speech speak volumes.

Meanwhile “across the pond,” thousands of protesters crowded London’s Trafalgar Square carrying signs railing against the World Health Organization, Bill Gates and government coronavirus restrictions and mass vaccinations.

The Metropolitan police had issued an open letter to the demonstrators advising that anyone attending a gathering of more than 30 people may be at risk of committing a criminal offense. It was handed to the demonstrators as they marched down Whitehall.

Although the demonstrations focused on coronavirus restrictions, those taking part espoused anti-authoritarian grievances ranging from the lockdown, to elite child sexual abuse, to London’s imprisonment of WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange.                                                     


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