Minneapolis ‘Spontaneous’ Riots Planned Methodically for 2 Years — Deployed Minors to Inflict Organized Chaos


What began in Minneapolis with the reported death of George Floyd is merely the pretext that triggered riots in the city that have been two years in the making, according to Millennial Millie, a YouTube journalist.

Citing pamphlets, recorded Zoom conferences and detailed battle plans, Millennial Millie describes how her sources infiltrated an organization called the Sunrise Movement, basically the young people foot soldiers that the world saw as ANTIFA and Black Lives Matter supporters.

The Sunrise Movement is made of white, black, and brown youths who are segregated into chat rooms by raise and given their orders and agenda’s by the movement’s adult organizers.

Formally, it’s an American youth-led political movement coordinated by Sunrise, a 501(c)(4) political action organization that advocates political action on climate change.

When first incorporated in 2017, the group’s goal was to elect proponents of renewable energy in the 2018 midterm elections, first in the Democratic primaries and then in the general election. That since has become the Green New Deal.

But underneath the climate concerns, hides tyrannical motives.

These children are risking their lives because officials that Americans have elected have convinced them that white privilege and white supremacy are real. While they rail against Nazism and fascism, these same elected officials are the nazis and fascists seeking to destroy capitalism and breaking America’s economy.

To reach their goal, organizers of the protests and riots need to abolish police departments, borders, economies, and capitalism; they are using children to further their communistic takeover of America.

Elected officials have manipulated the minds and morals of minors to carry out illegal and dangerous actions to initiate mayhem in cities across the nation in furtherance of implementing a New World Order.



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